Google to add Nintendo Switch controller support to Chrome

Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe multiplayer

Google is working on bringing Nintendo Switch controller support to its Chrome browser.

As spotted on Twitter by freelance writer Owen Williams, a new commit in Chromium’s Gerrit source code points to Switch accessory support coming to Chrome.

Specifically, the commit mentions support for the Switch’s left and right Joy-Cons, as well as the standalone Pro Controller and Charging Grip.

The Switch controller support is enabled through Google’s standard Gamepad API, meaning all web developers should be able to use Switch controllers without much difficulty.

However, the commit lists this functionality as a “work-in-progress,” so it remains to be seen when official support may roll out.

Further, it’s currently unclear exactly why Google is investing in Switch accessory support for Chrome, but it may factor into the company’s larger plans for “the future of gaming.” The tech giant will reveal more about its gaming initiatives — which will likely include a streaming service and console — on March 19th.

Via: 9to5Google