Public Mobile now offers 1GB of data at 3G speeds for $23 with AutoPay

Public Mobile on smartphone

Public Mobile, national carrier Telus’ sub-brand, is now offering even more with its $25 CAD 3G plan.

Those who get the $25 per month plan can get a bonus 500MB of data at 3G speeds when they use the company’s pre-authorized payment system, AutoPay.

After setting up AutoPay users will get 1GB of data at 3G speeds, unlimited Canada-wide talk, unlimited international text, picture messaging, voicemail and call display for $23 per month.

Public Mobile offers an AutoPay reward, so whenever users sign for pre-authorized payments they’ll save an extra $2 per month.

This plan is a $5 reduction from Public’s promotion last month when it offered $28 for 1GB at 3G speeds with AutoPay.

Users can also get this 500MB AutoPay bonus with the company’s $35, $40, $45, and $50 30-day plans if 1GB isn’t enough.

This means customers can get $33 for 1.5GB of data at 3G speeds, $38 for 5GB of data at 3G speeds, $43 for 6.5GB of data at 3G speeds and lastly, $48 for 8.5GB of data at 3G speeds, after setting up AutoPay.

You can learn more about the $25 3G plan on Public Mobile’s website.

Source: Public Mobile