Microsoft testing Android phone mirroring app in Windows 10

Support is limited to select Samsung phones for now

Microsoft Your Phone

Microsoft’s latest Windows Insider preview build lets users test its phone mirroring software.

Before you get too excited, the feature is incredibly limited at this point. To try out mirroring in the ‘Your Phone’ app, you’ll need a Windows 10 PC with the latest Insider build and a Bluetooth radio that supports the low energy peripheral role (Microsoft says you can see how to check this here).

On the phone, the feature will only work with Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S9 and S9+ devices for now, but this will expand over time.

Further, Microsoft notes there are quite a few known issues with the mirroring feature. Touch input doesn’t work yet, audio will play through your phone speakers and not your laptop, and some games and apps don’t support mouse interactions.

Notably, there’s also an issue with the option to hide the soft keyboard whenever a physical keyboard is present. Selecting this option will hide your keyboard whenever your phone is within Bluetooth range of your PC — regardless if you’re using Your Phone and screen mirroring or not.

While there’s no official release date yet, I’d imagine it’ll come as part of the upcoming spring update for Windows 10. Hopefully, when it does roll out, it’ll support more phones.

Source: Microsoft Via: Android Police