BlackBerry creates new government subsidiary to deepen ‘ties with U.S. federal agencies’


BlackBerry has created a new subsidiary that will focus on deepening “ties with U.S. federal agencies” and grow the company’s Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).

Rear Admiral Robert E. Day Jr., a retired U.S. Coast Guard officer, will lead the wholly-owned, independent subsidiary, called BlackBerry Government Solutions, which is based in Washington, D.C. The subsidiary will have a different corporate structure, which will “comply with U.S. national security requirements.”

A press release said Rear Admiral Day will be in charge of guiding BlackBerry’s products through FedRAMP, Agency/Component Authority to Operate (ATO) certification, and oversee the “mandated continuous monitoring and maintenance of BlackBerry FedRAMP cloud services.”

BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen said the company and this new subsidiary is positioned to help the U.S. build-out connected items in the future.

“This new subsidiary allows us to deepen our reach within the U.S. government sector by ensuring our next-generation cybersecurity solutions and Spark platform meet FedRAMP and ATO certifications, as well as provide our customers with a higher level of service,” he said.