Nike’s smart shoe app doesn’t work on Android, bricks shoes

This issue is exclusive to Android, as iOS users have not been affected

Nike Adapt BB and companion app

Nike’s Adapt BB smart shoes have reportedly stopped functioning after the company issued an update to the shoe’s accompanying Android app.

When using the Adapt BB Android app, one of the shoes won’t connect, which means users aren’t able to adjust how tight the shoe can fit through the app.

The cause of this issue seems to be inherent to the Nike smart shoes itself.

According to The Verge, some sneakers have been shipped with older software, which can cause the shoes to lock up when attempting to pair with the Nike app if the Adapt BB hasn’t been updated in time.

Some users reported that a hard reset can get the shoes to properly function again.

It’s not clear whether people can tighten the shoes manually or if the Android update locks the shoes out completely. There are reports that the motor stops working, even when trying to adjust the tightness using the physical buttons.

Nike Adapt BB is not available yet in Canada.

Source: The Verge