Google device passes through FCC, could be a new mesh Wi-Fi router

The device sports operating modes and hardware similar to that of most routers

Google Wifi in kitchen

An unreleased Google device that could be a new Google Wifi passed through the FCC earlier this month.

9to5Google spotted the device with FCC ID A4R-1701AA1 after Google submitted a request to change the device ID “for [the] purpose of marketing.”

This would allow Google to use its own ID and model number on the product — A4R-1701AA1 — instead of the ID and model number of the company that manufactured the device.

The original manufacturer is Japan-based Murata Manufacturing, which used FCC ID VPYLB1CQ.

Further, the original listing under Murata described the device as a ‘communication model,’ while the new Google filing refers to it as a ‘single board computer.’

Regardless, the AA1 is likely a Wi-Fi router, considering its operating modes include 802.11a/b/g/n/ac along with Bluetooth LE. This is similar to the original Google Wifi device. Additionally, AA1 features an antenna chip with two antennas, like most dual-band routers.

As for timing, it makes sense for Google to bring a new Wi-Fi router now. The original Google Wifi came out over two years ago, and since then the mesh Wi-Fi space has grown more competitive.

Amazon recently bought eero to get into the mesh network space, further adding to the competition.

Source: 9to5Google