Freedom Mobile now lets you pay any amount upfront

Previously, you could only make payments in multiples of $5

Freedom Mobile Will Arnett

Freedom Mobile now allows you to choose how much you want to pay upfront when activating a new phone on its website.

The Toronto-based carrier previously only allowed customers to pay in multiples of $5.

After you put in the desired amount, you can click the calculator icon to determine your monthly My Tab charge.

For example, activating a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will now let you pay any amount between $0 and $720. If you paid, say, $87 upfront towards the Note 9, your monthly My Tab charge would be $26.38, while putting $412 upfront would cost $12.83/month.

Of course, spending options will vary depending on the price of the phone, but at least you have more payment freedom now all across the board.