Evo Type brings a full QWERTY keyboard to the Pixel 3 XL

Tech21 is also launching a 'Charge Pod' and the 'Fit Kit with Evo Check'

Tech21 has launched a Google Pixel 3 XL case as part of the company’s ‘Made for Google’ program.

Dubbed the ‘Evo Type,’ the case adds a full QWERTY keyboard to Google’s larger 2018 flagship smartphone.

The Evo Type looks like an average folio-style case, but can unfold to reveal its keyboard. The keyboard doesn’t have physical buttons but instead uses sensors to register user input.

The keyboard connects wirelessly through NFC, so it should consume a minimal amount of power. The Evo Type also features keyboard shortcut-support and can prevent the phone from falling over. Users can place the phone in a variety of positions so that it’s more comfortable to use.

According to Evo, the case sports a durable, soft-touch fabric that should provide protection while keeping the handset slim.

Tech21 is also launching the ‘Charge Pod,’ a small charging mat with a rubberized pad that can cling to table tops. The Charge Pod features a 5,000mAh battery that can extend the life of smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.

Finally, Tech21 is launching a sports armband called the ‘Fit Kit with Evo Check’ which can connect to the company’s ‘Evo Check’ smartphone case.

According to Tech21, the Fit Kit is secure, breathable and easy to keep clean.

Tech21 said it’s releasing these accessories in spring 2019.

Source: 9to5Google, Evo