Some Fizz Mobile numbers failing to connect with emergency services

One Redditor said that they were unable to connect to 911 emergency services

Fizz Mobile trying to fix bug

It appears that some Fizz Mobile numbers are struggling to connect with emergency services.

According to a November 21st, 2018 Reddit thread, Fizz Mobile subscriber ‘ScottieSummers,’ tried to contact 911 to report a break-in at their apartment and was unable to place the emergency call.

“I had to ask my neighbour to call for me in order for the Montreal police to come to my apartment,” said ScottieSummers, in the same November 21st Reddit thread.

ScottieSummers updated their post on November 22nd, 2018 to state that they were eventually able to connect with 911.

“The operator told me that there might be a particular problem with my line that night. Seems everything is fine now,” said ScottieSummers.

Not all Fizz Mobile subscribers had a similar issue, however.

Reddit user ‘eLaiLu’ said that they were able to make an emergency call in Montreal.

“911 knew my Fizz phone number and they knew were I was within a reasonable distance,” said eLaiLu, in a November 22nd, 2018 response.

ELaiLu added that Montreal residents can connect with local emergency services by dialling the non-emergency number 514-280-2222.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Fizz Mobile parent company Vidéotron for comment. This story will be updated with a response.

Source: Reddit