Fido reportedly offering existing subscribers $75/10GB loyalty deal

The offer includes unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited messaging

MobileSyrup reader has shared the latest offer they received from Fido, and it includes 10GB of data.

This is a loyalty offer for people who are already subscribed to Fido’s network. The plan offers users 10GB of data along with unlimited Canada-wide minutes and unlimited text, picture and video messaging, all for $75 per month.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this offer is that the reader has only been locked into their two-year Fido contract for a month.

Regardless, if you’re a Fido customer and you’re paying more than $75 for 10GB of data, it’s worth calling in to try and get this plan.

It’s worth noting that a MobileSyrup reporter subscribed to Rogers recently contacted Canada’s largest carrier and was offered 10GB of data for $75 per month, along with unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited messaging, as part of a retention deal.

Source: Twitter