This gold Samsung Galaxy Note 9 costs more than a Tesla Model 3

For an extra $7,2495 CAD you only lose wireless charging

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is one of the most expensive phones on the market and a Russian luxury goods maker has slapped a kilogram of gold onto one and skyrocketed its value.

The cheapest Canadian version of a new, non-gold Note 9 costs $1,299. Russian retailer Caviar, however, is selling a custom gold Note 9 for ₽3,870,000 Rubles (roughly, $73,746.72 CAD).

This extra cost is, of course, to pay for the slab of gold attached to the phone, and the removal of the phone’s pesky wireless charging feature. Since phones need a glass back to be able to support the Qi wireless charging standard, the gold Note isn’t able to use the feature.

Caviar has other less expensive options, but they only cost around $4,000 to $5,000 CAD. It’s also hard to tell if the phone comes with a gold S Pen or not. Hopefully that won’t be a deal breaker for anyone looking to own an exorbitantly expensive Note 9.

It’s worth noting that this phone is even more expensive than most versions of the Tesla Model 3.

The cheapest Model 3 costs $64,100 in Canada and the most expensive variant comes out to $106,600 CAD. While you can’t purchase the best Model 3 for less than the Caviar Note 9, some versions of the car do cost less than $73,000 CAD.

Either way, if you’re the type of person that feels reassured by the cool weight of a kilogram of gold in your pocket — and money is no object — then this device is for you.

Souce: Caviar Via: Android Authority