This $39 Learn To Scrum Bundle Will Streamline Your Workflow

For as long as software development has existed, dozens of software development approaches have been created to make managing workflows more efficient. One of the most widely used approaches is Agile, which is an iterative development methodology that allows teams to deal with evolving requirements and uncertainties.

A popular method stemming from Agile methodology is Scrum, which allows teams to efficiently work on a project during work stages known as sprints. Learning how to implement Scrum in the workplace is a valuable skill which will stick with you throughout your career, and the Complete Learn To Scrum Bundle will teach you how for $51.91 CAD [$39 USD].

This bundle features 5 courses containing over 15 hours of digital training content across 174 lessons. These courses teach the basics of using Scrum on a team, such as how to plan and manage products with your team during sprint meetings as well as the steps necessary to complete a Scrum project. The bundle also contains guides for advanced Scrum practitioners to become Product Owners and Scrum Masters.

The Complete Learn To Scrum Bundle is on sale for $51.91 CAD [$39 USD], down from $1,488.05 CAD [$1,150 USD].