Koodo doubles data and minutes available in Booster add-ons in new promotion

Koodo's Booster webpage

Koodo has launched a new promotion aimed at its pre-paid customers.

For a limited time, the Telus flanker brand is offering double the data and minutes on all of its ‘Booster’ add-ons at no additional cost. Boosters allow prepaid customers to add additional Canada-wide minutes, long-distance minutes and/or data to their talk and data allotments.

For example, the $30 data booster, which normally includes 1GB of additional data, instead adds 2GB of data for the time being. Similarly, the $30 Canada-wide talk add-on includes 1,200 minutes, instead of 600 minutes, during the promotion.

The extra minutes and data that are included in the Koodo’s Booster add-ons do not expire. As such it’s best, as the carrier notes, in each case to buy the biggest available Booster.

“Any unused minutes, text or data will be carried over when you renew your base plan. So it’s best to pick the biggest Booster add-ons to enjoy our best per-minute or per-megabyte rate,” writes Koodo on its website.

The promotion was first spotted by Red Flag Deals user ‘Villain’.

Koodo is also offering a bonus 2GB of data on its $45, $55 and $65 base prepaid plans.

Source: Koodo Via: RFD