Multiplayer is coming to ‘Stardew Valley’ on PC, Mac and Linux

While multiplayer was promised to arrive for Stardew Valley a number of months ago, the feature finally has a solid release date.

According to a tweet from Eric Barone (@ConcernedApe), the sole developer behind Stardew Valley, the feature is coming to the lighthearted farming game on August 1st. Along with the release date, the game’s developer also released a new trailer for the feature (see it above).

Unfortunately there’s no release date for when the multiplayer feature is coming to the Nintendo Switch, as well as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Stardew Valley multiplayer has been available in beta for a few months now. The full version of the feature reportedly isn’t very different from the beta, with most of the tweaks being bug fixes.

Fishing, farming, mining, earning money and world/farm updates are all communal with Stardew Valley’s multiplayer mode. Players will also be able to marry NPCs as well as each other in a shared game. Those hoping for splitscreen local co-op will be disappointed to learn that the the feature isn’t part of Stardew Valley’s upcoming multiplayer update.

If you’re interested in finding out more specifics about Stardrew Valley’s multiplayer feature, Barone went into more detail about the game’s upcoming multiplayer mode via his Twitter account.