Apple won’t ship full OLED iPhone lineup until 2020: report

It looks like Apple still plans on releasing smartphones with LCD displays

Contrary to recent reports, Apple will not ship three OLED display iPhone models in 2018, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal.

Earlier this May, South Korea’s ETNews published a report that said Apple planned to use OLED panels across its entire 2018 iPhone lineup. This was in contradiction to past reports, which had maintained Apple planned to announce two iPhone X-style OLED display iPhones and one low-cost LCD model.

“Industry executives with direct knowledge of production plans said Apple initially wanted roughly equal production of the two screen types,” writes the WSJ. “Now, they say Apple plans to make more of the LCD model, anticipating that consumers would lean toward the cheaper model.”

The Wall Street Journal goes on to reiterate what we’ve heard in past: Samsung is currently the only OLED panel supplier that can meet Apple’s quality and scale requirements.

Citing analysts, the publication says Apple will continue to sell a LCD iPhone model into 2019 and beyond.

Apple is not expected to shift to an full OLED lineup until 2020 at the earliest.

Source: Wall Street Journal