First-gen Apple Watch won’t be able to run watchOS 5

watchOS 5

If you’re a first-generation Apple Watch owner hoping to get your hands on watchOS 5, the latest version of Apple’s wearable operating system, then you’re about to be disappointed.

Apple’s first Apple Watch will not be compatible with watchOS 5. This is the first time Apple hasn’t made a watchOS upgrade available to every generation of the Apple Watch. That said, the re-release of the Apple Watch Series 1 with the Series 2’s processor — any Series 1 released after 2016 — will be able to run watchOS 5, according to Apple.

Further, Apple says you’ll also need at least an iPhone 5S or later running iOS 12 in order to download and install watchOS 5.

Among a flurry of new fitness-focused features, including the Apple Watch now being able to automatically detect when a workout is in progress, Apple also announced a new ‘Walkie-Talkie’ voice message feature for the smartwatch.

This feature allows Apple Watches running watchOS 5 to send short messages to each other. For privacy reasons, you need to first set up specific users you want to receive Walkie-Talkie notifications from, according to Apple.

The feature also works across Wi-Fi and LTE, which means it’s set to be compatible with more than just the Apple Watch Series 3 LTE. What’s most interesting about Walkie-Talkie is the fact that the feature was announced back in 2014, but is only getting released now.