Microsoft testing changes to Alt-Tab, adding Sets to Timeline


Microsoft is looking to revamp how Alt-Tab works in the next Windows 10 update.

The changes are centered around the new Sets feature that Microsoft is working on. Sets allows users to group multiple tabs into a single window. For example, you can have a web browser tab open with research and another tab open in Word where you’re taking notes.

The Alt-Tab rework would allow users to switch between tabs instead of windows, like how it functions now.

Along with this, Microsoft is adding Sets to Timeline. Timeline is a new Windows 10 feature that keeps a history of your programs and documents. Timeline will be expanding to iOS and Android as well, if you use the Microsoft Launcher or the Edge browser.

These features will soon be tested as part of the Windows Insiders program. However, it’s unclear if they’ll make it into the next significant Windows update. Microsoft’s corporate vice president Joe Belfiore said at Build 2018 that Sets won’t ship until its ready.

It’s been years since Alt-Tab has seen a revamp, but it seems like it will be a little longer before we get this one

Source: The Verge