Here are all the Android P features announced at Google I/O 2018

At today’s I/O 2018 conference, Google announced several new features, functionalities and even new gestures for Android P.

First and foremost, for those who want to try out any of the below features, download the public beta here.

If you’re interested in learning how to download it, check our little guide.

Android Dashboard

One of the most interesting features coming to Android P is the Dashboard. The Android Dashboard lets you closely monitor their smartphone usage. The feature gives you an overall view of how you use your device. With the Dashboard, you can even put a limit on how long you use apps and the app will become greyed out once you reach that limit.

To learn more on Android Dashboard, click here.

Do Not Disturb

Another feature is the new ‘Shush’ gesture that launches the ‘Do Not Disturb’ functionality. Google wants to help combat smartphone addiction with this new feature. This functionality allows users to flip it so that it’s facing down to turn off notifications.

To learn more on this Do Not Disturb functionalities, click here.

iPhone X-like gestures

Android P also adds a bunch of new iPhone X gestures for the user. Users can swipe up to access multi-tasking, replacing the ‘Overview’ button. You can also scroll through the list with a new pill-shaped home button. The gestures, however, are completely optional. To set it up, navigate to the settings area, go into the ‘System’ menu, then go into ‘Gestures’ and tap the ‘Swipe up on Home button’ option.

To learn more about all of the other gestures available, click here.

Adaptive settings

Android P also adds new ‘Adaptive Battery’ and ‘Adaptive Brightness’ to Android P. These features use machine learning to remember how bright you like the display in different levels of light as well as learning how to maximize battery efficiency based on app usage.

To learn more about ‘Adaptive Brightness and Adaptive Battery, click here.

Slices & Actions

Google is also adding Actions and Slices to Android P. The functionalities will make your smartphone more predictive. For instance, after plugging in your headphones your device will suggest that you start playing your next song or call a friend.

For more on Slices and Actions, click here.

Android P is expected to be officially available in late August.