Google reportedly working on feature called ‘AltOS’ for the Pixelbook


Google might be considering a feature called AltOS that could allow users to boot up another operating system on the Pixelbook.

The feature was first spotted by Redditor ‘-nbsp-‘ in the /r/ChromeOS subreddit.

According to XDA Developers, there are a few commits that refer to this ‘AltOS mode’ in the Chromium Gerrit. However, it’s currently unclear if this mode lets users download Windows 10 on the Pixelbook, dual-boot another operating system, or if it has it’s something to do with Google’s Fuchsia OS — another operating system that the search company is quietly working on.

However, coding within the Gerrit mentions ‘go/vboot-windows,’ suggesting that it’s a feature intended for Microsoft’s OS.

If Google allows dual-booting or any of the above features, it could result in the Pixelbook becoming a significantly more capable device.

Currently, the Pixelbook only officially runs Google’s own operating system, ChromeOS. That said, some have managed to run an operating version of the Fuchsia OS on the Pixelbook as well.

Source: XDA Developers, -nbsp-