Subaru is using facial recognition in its new Forester to detect driver focus

The new car technology can detect when the driver is drowsy or distracted

Car manufacturer Subaru has revealed new facial recognition technology that can tell when a driver is getting tired or distracted.

The new technology is dubbed ‘DriverFocus’ and is available in the high-end Touring trim version of the new Forester.

DriverFocus is described by Subaru as a “driver monitoring system that uses facial recognition software to identify signs of driver fatigue or driver distraction.” The tech can recognize up to five drivers and will adjust the car to their presets such as seat position and climate controls.

The newly revealed Subaru Forester also comes with EyeSight, the name for its suite of driving assist functions, such as ‘pre-collision braking,’ ‘adaptive cruise control,’ ‘lane-departure and sway warnings’ as well as ‘lane-keep assist.’ These feature are not meant to provide a hands-free driving experience, but rather offer a few helper systems to keep the driver safe on the road.

This isn’t the first car to monitor a driver to make sure they’re focused. Cadillac released a similar system that used infrared cameras to track eye movement.

Image credit: Subaru (Facebook)

Source: Subaru Via: The Verge