Soft Robotics’ SuperPick system is designed to handle monotonous warehouse tasks

Soft Robotics Super Pick

Boston tech company Soft Robotics has developed an AI-controlled bin-picking device that aims to replace a number of manual warehouse tasks.

The Soft Robotics SuperPick system uses the company’s signature malleable grippers to pick up a variety of objects autonomously. According to Soft Robotics, the SuperPick is the first AI-powered autonomous soft robotic solution for e-commerce and retail and can make more than 600 picks per hour.

In the above video released by the company, the SmartPick can be seen repeatedly picking up items to organize them in different bins — manual labour that would surely be monotonous and tiresome for human workers.

Soft Robotics says the SmartPick requires “little to no human intervention,” although workers can remotely handle any issues with “a simple user interface.”

The system is available now for companies to purchase, although there’s no word on pricing at the moment.

Source: TechCrunch