Apple reportedly working on adapting MicroLED display technology to work with Apple Watch

Apple hopes MicroLED will give it an advantage in the smartphone and smartwatch industry

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple could be working on manufacturing its own version of MicroLED, according to a new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, an often reliable source of Apple-related leaks.

If true, this would mark the first time Apple has developed the technology powering its screens, rather than purchasing displays from suppliers such as Samsung and LG — which are also the company’s competitors in the device industry. To be clear, Samsung is also working on MicroLED technology, with the company showing off a massive 146-inch modular MicroLED TV at CES this year in Las Vegas called ‘The Wall.’

Bloomberg’s report states that the research and development of the displays is being performed at Apple’s secret Santa Clara, California manufacturing facility. MicroLED would allow for screens that are brighter and more energy-efficient than the current OLED displays supplied by Apple’s various manufacturing partners like Samsung.

That said, Bloomberg’s report also emphasizes that MicroLED displays are difficult to produce, explaining that it might be a few years until Apple is ready to implement this technology a commercial product. Even though Apple is developing the underlying tech powering its specific version of MicroLED, the company will probably still partner with existing manufacturers to produce the actual displays.

MicroLED would allow apple to make “future gadgets slimmer, brighter and less power-hungry,” according to Gurman’s report. Early speculation indicates that Apple will likely implement MicroLED technology in the company’s Apple Watch first, before eventually rolling it out to other products.

Apple likely aims get a jump start on burgeoning display technology before its competitors — most notably Samsung — are able to release their own versions of MicroLED.

Source: Bloomberg