You can now leave detailed reviews of Switch games on Nintendo’s site

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s official website has been updated to allow users to leave reviews of certain Switch games.

By navigating to the product pages of specific games (such as Splatoon 2 or Bayonetta 2) and scrolling down to the bottom, you can find a new section aptly titled ‘Customer Reviews.’

After signing into your Nintendo Account, you’re then able to leave a rating of 1-5 stars, as well as an in-depth description of what you did or didn’t like about the game.

The reviews need to be 50 characters at minimum, so it’s clear that Nintendo is looking for actual feedback and not just “It’s good” or “It was boring.”

You’re also able to give your review a headline, as well as affix it with tags such as “challenging,” “easy to learn,” and “great sound.” You’re also required to specify a description for yourself (Nintendo fan/core gamer/casual player/parent) and state whether your review contains spoilers.

It’s also worth noting that customers must own and have played a game for at least two hours before they’re capable of leaving a review; a measure no doubt put in place to prevent reviewbombing and spam.

This review function is only enabled for certain games as of right now, but will hopefully extend to Nintendo’s entire lineup before too long.

Via: Polygon