Google Pay branding replaces Android Pay in the Play Store

Google Pay

Google’s rebrand of Android Pay, Google Pay, is now rolling out in Canada.

Google Pay is the combination of Google Wallet — a platform we still don’t have in Canada — and Android Pay. Despite this, Android Pay is now known as Google Pay, even for us Canadians. Google also plans on introducing Google Pay to its Chrome browser, as well as Google Home.

The app shows users a new ‘Home tab’ with recent purchases, nearby stores and access to rewards and helpful tips. It also features a ‘Cards tab,’ which keeps credit card, debit cards, loyalty programs, gift cards and other offers.

With this change, Canadians will still not get access to Google Wallet features, such as the ability to send and receive money.

Also, it appears Tangerine is no longer included in the list of banks that are “coming soon.”

Currently among the list of supported banks are: Bank of Montreal (BMO), Desjardins, Banque Nationale du Canada (NBC), President’s Choice Financial, Alberta Treasury Branch (ATB), Canadian Tire Financial Services (CTFS),  Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), Scotiabank, American Express.

Source: Google Pay