Facebook responds to former exec’s claim that social network is ‘destroying how society works’


  • It’s Me

    These data mining companies that exist only to collect and analyze data are some of the scariest companies on the planet. Scarier is that their users happily cooperate for nothing.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      That guys hasn’t been there for 6 years and I’ll guarantee you it’s gotten creepier since then.

    • Brad Fortin

      Scarier still are the users who claim to prefer free-but-creepy over the alternatives simply because it’s free.

    • toysandme

      I have a fake account just so I can access Facebook through VPN and NEVER post or “like” anything. They are data mining everyone to better manipulate society. Big Brother cuts the biggest cheques going to FB.

    • It’s Me

      FB is a distant #2 behind Google for overall data acquisition, data mining and data analysis. FB’s social aspect makes it a bit creepier in some ways. Between the two, it’s almost impossible to avoid, even if you take steps to avoid it yourself. You send an email or a text or leave a voice mail for someone else and if the other person uses those services, then you’ve been caught up even if you tried to avoid it.

      Even people that recognize they are being mined will often excuse it with something like “well, all companies do it, so it’s not so bad”. Which is of course false on every level.

  • Croc Ography

    Facebook facepalm, lol.

  • Facebook will say anything because they know the majority is in too deep. All they have to do is add more filters and user will be content with what ever information they require from them.