B.C. government to invest $100,000 into improving Bamfield internet

Bamfield British Columbia

The Government of British Columbia has announced a $100,000 contribution to go towards improving internet access for the small, Vancouver Island community of Bamfield. According to the government, the investment will “help deliver a cutting-edge, high-speed fibre optic network that is consistently faster and more reliable.”

Specifically, the funding will be given to Community Wireless Networks, a local, family-run internet provider, to construct the fibre optic network.

“I’ve visited many communities across the province and have heard first-hand how fundamental high-speed internet connectivity is to areas like Bamfield,” Minister of Citizens’ Services Jinny Sims said in a press statement. “We are working with local service providers throughout the province, such as Community Wireless Networks, to build the railways of today. These information routes will mean more business opportunities, improved educational tools and greater access to a wide variety of health-care services.”

As a small community of just under 200 residents, the grant is intended to help Bamfield develop more business opportunities and improve its health care, education and emergency response services.

“The internet is a critical piece of how we do business and communicate with each other,” said Bamfield Chamber of Commerce chairman Phil Lavoie in a press statement. “Fibre optic connectivity will help ensure the people of Bamfield have a high-speed connection they can count on for years to come. This project will make an essential business tool in Bamfield faster, more reliable and future-proof.”

“As a locally owned and operated internet service provider, Community Wireless Networks knows the value of upgrading Bamfield’s connection with a new fibre network,” said Community Wireless Networks owner Eric Geall in a press statement. “The improved connectivity will bring economic benefits to the area, while also improving access to critical services. We are pleased that local emergency services will be able share the benefit of this infrastructure.”

Image credit: Flickr — Province of British Columbia

Source: Government of British Columbia