Qualcomm shows off ARM-based Windows 10 PCs Asus NovaGo and HP Envy x2


  • ibanezjg

    yeah except this is not Windows RT. This is Windows 10 on ARM and it contains x86 app emulation that is damn near perfect and they’ve proven this many times over. This is a gamechanger for the Windows world! Not good news for Intel

    • ciderrules

      It’s better than RT, but still a ways from actual Windows. Plus an 835 isn’t going to be very fast once you add in the overhead from emulation.

    • Smanny

      RT ran on a much older 32 bit Nvidia Tegra 3 and then the following version ran on a Tegra 4, which is still 32 bit. Plus that amount of ram on the Surface RT and Surface 2 was limited to 2 GB of RAM. Windows RT was limited and didn’t support hardware VM emulation for other architectures like x86.

      The SD 835 supports hardware VM emulation, it’s also 64 bit, and it supports 8 GB of LPDDR4 RAM. Not to mention the GPU, DSP, ISP, and other coprocessors are much faster and there are a lot more of them on the 835. The SD 835 also has embedded AI support.

      It’s like comparing Apples A4 to the current A11.