Tesla’s record-breaking lithium ion battery is now live in South Australia


  • Crazy Legs™

    So does it have a USB-C Fast charging port, or do I have to bring a different cable?

  • yerallnuts

    It may be renewable, but there is still very significant environmental impact associated with the construction, operation and ongoing maintenance of this technology. It is by no means ‘green’.

    • Arshad

      You really have to look at the bigger picture. The environmental impact of extracting so called “clean coal” is a lot higher than building battery packs. Also, that’s a one time impact as opposed to the ongoing environmental impact with the use of fossil fuels.

      You need to look at it this way, you need to spend money to make money… you need to use resources to make renewable resources. Unless a company has somehow come up with a replicator where things just appear from thin air, you have to use old school resources to make new ones.

  • johny

    how many times can i change my phone? does it fit in a car?