Bell’s Connected Car device is now available

Bell Connected Car

After making its way to Rogers and Telus in the form of Smart Drive and Drive+, ZTE and Vancouver-based Mojio’s white label connected car platform is now available at Bell.

Bell is calling its take on the platform ‘Connected Car,’ but the concept is the same.

Customers buy a device that connects to their car’s Onboard Diagnostic (ODB-II) port. Every vehicle manufactured since 1996 has this port. Once connected, the device, work, working in tandem with an accompanying iOS and Android app, delivers real-time safety notifications, in-car Wi-Fi and engine diagnostics.

The Bell Connected Car device is available for $99 on a two-year term. Alternatively, customers can get it for $199 off contract. Bell also requires customers activate a $15 per month add-on ($10 if customers buy the device outright) to their Share Plan as the device requires a micro SIM and data connection to function. The add-on comes with 1GB of shareable data for 12 months that counts toward the customer’s total data bucket. In addition, there’s a one $25 connection fee.

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