Apple’s 2018 iPad will feature Face ID and nearly bezel-less display, says new report


  • Marshall Davidson

    So they’re looking to offer what Microsoft has been with their Surface devices the past couple years? Yippee.
    Another example of how far behind this company is. Where is the ability to add external storage? Or use your own peripherals? Heck. How about a decent functional OS?

    • ciderrules

      Surface is garbage

    • Alex

      i totally agree. i wrote out all my thoughts on it just a moment ago. it was too long.. i’ll just say this. i 100% agree.

    • Bill___A

      I have a Surface Pro 3 and an iPad and I use them both. The ipad has come a long ways in doing the tasks I need to do but it is not at 100% yet. I put manuals on the iPad and it can also be an extra screen for the Surface when need be.

    • Captain H. Morgan

      I’ll say a fanboy like never owned a surface in your life.

    • Marshall Davidson

      No. The real garbage are those iPhones you claimed to have purchased. You’ve never owned a Surface so don’t pretend the rest of us are that stupid to believe otherwise.
      Also iPads like this are trash. A tablet running iOS isn’t a computer no matter how you slice it v

    • Tsordi

      Just moved from a Surface Pro to an iPad Pro. For my use case, the iPad is more functional in every way: speed, email management, multitasking, workflow, battery life. The Surface looks good on paper but in my experience it was a hot mess of multitouch and mouse UI and excelled at neither (and I really wanted to like it). Your mileage may vary of course and it’s really interesting to see the different approaches.

    • Marshall Davidson

      I don’t agree given the inherent limitations of a mobile OS however if that suits your needs then who can argue that. That clown cider is however an Apple apologist who trashes any brand that doesn’t come from Cupertino

    • Tsordi

      Fair enough. I think iOS has *just* become capable of handling 95% of my workflow. Ironically the apps I use most often are by Microsoft, which are excellent. They do great work.

    • Marshall Davidson

      The apps that MSFT offers don’t have the full functionality of the Windows versions of the same. At least not in my experience but if you’re tasks are basic then I can see how that may be enough for you needs

  • Do Do

    Well until Apple allows multiple user profiles this will be a waste of time as I believe most households share Ipads.

    • AJ

      I won’t say everything is waste, but I do agree they should start supporting multiple user profiles for the same reason you mentioned.