Instagram now lets you ‘Go Live’ with a friend

Instagram app on iPhone

Instagram has started rolling out a new feature that allows users to have friends join in on live video streams.

When going live, simply tap the new double smiley icon on the bottom right and tap ‘Add’ to invite any user who is currently watching. Once they accept, the screen split will into two and your guest will appear beneath you.

The original live video host can remove and replace guests at any time or guests can choose to to leave on their own. Joint live videos can be shared to stories or discarded as with any single-user live video.

Other users will know when two people are going live together based two circles stacked together in the stories bar.

Instagram parent company Facebook previously rolled out shared Live video streaming functionality in May.

The new update is part of Instagram version 20, which is now available on iOS and Android devices.

Source: Instagram