Google brings Instant Apps to the Play Store

Google Play

Back at Google I/O 2016, Google introduced Instant Apps, a feature that allows Android users to try out select apps without first installing them. While Instant Apps seems like a perfect fit for the Play Store, Google first started implementing the feature in online search results. However, Google is now adding Instant Apps to the Play Store.

Moving forward, Android users will see a ‘Try it Now’ button on certain app pages. Tapping the button will allow them to try an app without going through the hassle of downloading the app first.

Currently, the company has only flagged seven apps with the new functionality, with the most notable example being the New York Times Crossword app. The number of apps to support the feature is likely to expand in short order.

I wasn’t able to try any of the seven apps; the ‘Try it Now’ button wasn’t there for me. It’s likely Google is gradually rolling out the feature to Android users across the globe. To be sure, however, we’ve reached out to the company for clarification.

That said, Instant Apps aren’t the only improvement Google has added to the Play Store.

In the meantime, Canadians can check out the newly reworked Editors’ Choice section, which attempts to solve the Play Store’s discoverability issue by offering a number of best app lists. For instance, one list collects the best wellness apps available to Android users.

Google Play Games section

In addition, Google is launching a revamped Games section (pictured above) that does a better job of highlighting premium titles.

Behind the scenes, Google is also reducing its cut of subscription apps. Starting on January 1st, the search giant will take 15 percent of an app’s subscription, instead of 30 percent, if a user remains with the service for more than one year. The move follows a similar policy change made by Apple last year.

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