Vidéotron expands partnership with Montréal-based wireless motion detection company Aerial

Quebecor-owned regional carrier Vidéotron has expanded its partnership with Aerial, a Montréal-based provider of wireless motion detection tools.

Aerial’s motion detection technology relies on existing wireless signals to recognize people and animals, and gather data about their activities and locations.

This works because Wi-Fi signals interact with walls, doors, objects and bodies. A person moving through this wireless mesh disrupts the signals in a unique way, giving them their own ‘signature,’ which the company uses to track them.

The disruption in the wireless mesh also differs depending on what the person is doing, making it possible for Aerial to intelligently identify what the person is doing using machine learning.

Vidéotron has been working with Aerial since the beginning of 2017, testing the product and evaluating the performance of Aerial’s Aerialytix cloud solution. After seeing “conclusive” results, the carrier has now invited Aerial to conduct beta testing at its Montréal-based Open Sky Laboratory for Smart Life, which it operates with founding partners Ericsson, École de technologie supérieure and Montréal’s Innovation Area.

It also plans to evaluate a monitoring solution for elderly care, which would send alerts as soon as it detects no movement within a predetermined number of consecutive hours.

“As the population becomes more aging, demand will increase for non-intrusive solutions to monitor patients and parents,” writes Aerial in its press release.

Vidéotron and Aerial will begin testing the product before the end of 2017.

Source: Aerial