Headmaster is a quirky and unique VR soccer game [Reality Bytes]

Headmaster header

Headmaster was one of the early PlayStation VR titles, and yet, I don’t see many of the headset owners talking about it. That’s a shame, because it’s a clever, witty and intuitive soccer VR game.

In Headmaster, you’re placed in the “Football Improvement Centre,” which is ostensibly a sort of soccer prison. Using your VR headset, you’re tasked with heading incoming soccer balls into different targets to score points.

The higher your score, the more stars you earn, which will unlock additional missions. These later challenges get increasingly more difficult over time, adding in moving targets, exploding soccer balls and drones, among other obstacles.

Headmaster explosion

Thankfully, playing the game is very simple thanks to an intuitive experience based on realistic soccer ball physics. Most impressively, despite being so dependent on sharp head movements, I never found myself getting sick or tired playing the game.

Best of all, there’s a great Portal-esque dark humour present here that makes the game even more of a delight to play. Notably, both games have seemingly pleasant overlords tasking you with tests of varying degrees of difficulty, all the while saying downright horrible things to others along the way.

Headmaster Robert

Headmaster is currently on sale for $17.54 CAD (35 percent off) on the PlayStation Store. Members of the premium subscription service PlayStation Plus can save an additional 15 percent and snag Headmaster for $13.49. Otherwise, the game regularly costs $26.99.

The price drop is part of a “PlayStation VR Celebration Sale,” which offers over 100 PS VR games at discounts of up to 40 percent for regular users and 60 percent for PlayStation Plus Members.

As of August 30th, Headmaster is also available on the HTC Vive for $21.99 and the Oculus Rift  for $22.99.