SanDisk announces new ‘Industrial’ SD cards that can survive Canadian winters


  • Rimtu Kahn

    I have used my phone with regular SanDisk and other branded SD cards in -30C, although from within a phone (never had the opportunity to take them out in the cold). I’m not sure what the exact problem is that these “industrial” grade cards going to solve. I could understand if they said “industrial” grade cards were by themselves extreme weather proof, i.e. can be beaten around, chewed up, dropped, left behind in -20 or lower, freeze them in water and drop in the arctic and still be usable when recovered. Definitely something like that will be more useful for preserving our precious memories. However this article is not mentioning anything special as such. Surviving withing the phone, in fact within a waterproof phone is an existing feature imo.

    • fred

      Industrial electronics is not for the average consumer.
      I design industrial products. We can’t afford a system not starting up by a cold winter. We must use industrial-grade components.
      Consumer grade electronics is generally 0-70 Celsius. That doesn’t mean it will instantly fail below the freezing point. But it means there is no warranty it will work according to specifications.

  • Marshall Davidson

    The only thing this affords is an opportunity for SanDisk to charge even more outrageous prices for removable storage. Beyond that, unless you’re leaving your devices out in the cold or in the car overnight these serve absolutely ZERO purpose.

  • John Lofwire

    Never had an issues with a sd card because of cold lol.
    even had one in my phone when doing some ski for a full day at minus 30 degree so in the end this is just a joke.

  • Spencer Navarra-Chew

    Uh… Industrial SD cards are NOT new.
    I’ve used them in the manufacturing industry for years.