Google pop-up donut shop coming to Toronto to show off the Google Home Mini


  • Smanny

    They better have some coffee or tea to go with those donuts. 😉

  • gremlin0007

    Only one in Canada? People in the US are reporting that they are handing out free Google minis. In good Canadian tradition “Let the stampede begin!”

  • Stephen B Morris

    Either one will make a great present to me. Thanks Google!

  • dirtyKIMCHI

    RSVP is open. It’s at Dundas Square in Toronto.

    • DownwithRobellus

      Tried it on mobile and doesn’t look like you have to RSVP at all

  • rgl168

    I was there – waited a little more than 3h in line to “play the game”. Didn’t win the Home Mini (neither did the couple behind me) but every non-winner gets 2 donuts + a 25% off coupon for a Google Home or Home Mini at Best Buy.