Toys “R” Us Canada receives creditor protection, will continue operating during restructuring

The company’s American branches were unable to compete in the e-retail space


  • Edward V.

    The only reason Toys R Us is able to maintain more stable operations in Canada is because of the insane amount of duty when ordering anything online that’s not already located in Canada (And the fact that .ca sites often have a fraction of the available items). So I guess Toys R Us can thank our government for propping up brick and mortar businesses by making cross-border online shopping too expensive to use as an alternative.

    • MoYeung

      Sucks to be Canadian consumers…

  • Mo Dabbas

    I guess Toys R Us is not doing well recently because parents are getting kids tablet and iPad games (and the games that can be downloaded for them) rather than conventional toys.

  • Bobby Russelo

    Everything sold at Toys R Us can be purchased from Amazon or Best Buy usually at a slightly cheaper price. Plus anyone with kids knows that taking your child shopping at Toys R Us is one of the most exhausting experiences. If Toys R Us wants to survive they need to do more than just restructure, they need to reinvent the shopping experience.

  • Andrw

    I always thought Toys R Us sold products at higher prices than its competitors. It was a great place to see fascinating things that other retailers didn’t carry. But while Future Shop (now Best Buy) and Amazon offered promotions on video games, TRU decided to do nothing but sell games at $5-10 higher. Plus, the last time I went into the Playstation section, the shelves were empty, nothing was in stock.

    Frankly, I’m surprised TRU lasted this long.

    • Andrew Holt

      when amazon is the only place to buy products from in the not to distant future, then they will raise prices drastically and it won’t be all that rosy anymore. Fact is Amazon is a very harmful entity to the overall economy. Enjoy cheap online prices while you can…things will be different in the future.

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  • Canadiana Jones

    While I agree with previous speakers about shopping at Toys’R’Us, Babies’R’Us is irreplaceable. The urgency of demand during baby age and necessity for in-person evaluation of the product’s features and quality can’t be met by online outlets.