Freedom’s $40/6GB and $50/8GB plans are back yet again


  • hoo dat

    I’m paying $50 for 10GB; all the usual unlimiteds, plus; unlimited US data and text, 2,400 US roaming minutes.

    Admittedly I’m on Freedom’s 3G but I’m hitting about 17mb/s on a regular basis, not that much slower than my wife’s average of 20mb/s on Freedom’s LTE and certainly more than good enough for every day use.

    • Riddlemethis

      Dude, how is that possible? 3G maximum speed is 7 Mbs in the lab.

      Speeds in Metro Vancouver are simply horrible even with LTE. See Howard Forums for real world speed test results.

      The general consensus is avoid Freedom. If one is so desperate then do the wise thing. Get a temporary number from Freedom and try out the service for a week before taking a huge risk in porting your number over.

    • hoo dat

      I’m not entirely sure where you’re getting your information from but Freedom’s HSPA+ (3G+) network has a maximum theoretical (Lab) speed of 42.2Mb/s.

    • hoo dat

      Ran a Speedtest almost immediately after I posted last night and although it’s not where I normally am it still shoots your 7Mb/s theory down in flames.

      Some caveats though: this test was taken in my windowless office in my basement of my house which has a double-brick construction, even Telus’ signals are muted down there. I generally get much faster speeds on the main floor. Don’t forget this is the regular strength network and not their LTE:

      Ping: 61ms; DL: 11.72Mb/s; UL: 2.58Mb/s

      I’ll post the screen shot in HoFo for you sometime this morning, and if I really can be bothered to do more tests sometime during the day I’ll post those too.

  • Rian

    I’m with Fido, just got the LG G5 last year and have 10 GB of data for $90/month including taxes. From their site, it looks like if you get the $50 8 GB plan, you can add on an additional 3 GB for $10, so I’d be paying $60 for 11 GB? Is their network really bad in the GTA?

    • Philosoraptor

      Why not try it? You can easily cancel your service within the first two weeks. You can open a new line with a new number and port your Fido number later if you’re happy with the service.

    • The network is not too bad in Toronto. It’s obviously not as good as what you’d get from Rogers, Telus, Bell, Koodo, Virgin or Fido but from my experience, it’s been usable on 3G with my Galaxy S7. They’re doing network improvements from time to time and you can even give them a try for 15 days with a temporary number and if you’re not satisfied, just cancel and you’ll only pay for what you used within those 15 days. It’s worth noting that you’ll need a phone that supports band 66 to get access to Freedom’s LTE network in the Greater Toronto Area for now though.

    • Brandon Arneson

      I left freedom and ported to virgin mobile on august 14th because my free roaming use was coming close to my home usage on august long weekend. I had free canada roaming from may 2015 on the cross canada49 plan then free canada and usa roaming on the everywhere 59 plan til I switched to virgin mobile and I was with freedom for almost 3 years. I’m much happier with virgin mobile I get LTE everywhere I go including inside buildings that freedom had no service and I won’t be switching back to freedom. I don’t miss roaming on telus 3G in all the areas that Rogers 3G and LTE didn’t exist in Alberta. I also don’t miss the useless 2G and pre dialup throttling speeds for home and roaming use. I pay $105.44 on a BYOP plan for 10gb data, unlimited Canada wide calls,unlimited MMS to Canada and the USA and unlimited global texting.

  • Johnny Apollo

    If your in Quebec or Ottawa go Videotron. I’m BYOD for $80 with unlimited Canada + US calling text etc with 10GB. Coverage is great and Canadian roaming on Rogers when needed at no additional charge with same data pool.

    • bloodless

      I switched from Koodo 2GB 49.00 to Videotron 6GB 50.00.
      It is funny – I never thought I’d need (that) much data, but it is very refreshing to NOT have to worry about watching youtube, streaming music, browsing, etc – while away from WiFi.
      6GB is great, and definitely provides a level of “freedom” !

  • Do Do

    LOL working beside someone today who has Freedom, he literally through his phone against a wall because “Freedom” wasn’t working when he needed it to. Prices are fine but you’re paying for something they aren’t able to deliver.

  • Techguru86

    Freedom LTE works fine for me in the GTA and Everywhere else I’ve been

  • Riddlemethis

    If you’re in Ontario speeds and coverage are fine. Most everywhere else they’re bad. See Howard Forums.

    • Jacob A

      I’m in Alberta and speeds are fine.

  • OptimusOBrien

    I had the $50 when it was at $59 and messaged them on twitter to get the promo price. Honestly best cell plan I have had to date and my coverage is really good but I am very rarely out of the city so that works out well for me.