TD’s banking app has the most monthly active users in Canada


  • Jason

    Well that only makes sense TD has the highest number of customers so it would only follow suit that they have the highest number of app users

    • Anonymous Agent

      Plus TD is the best Bank as well with the best branch hours that are open early and open late as well. Other banks close way to early which isn’t convenient for people who work during the day and are only available in the evenings while other banks close at an early hour of 5pm. And TD is open on weekends as well with some banks are closed on weekends. And TD offers visa debit cards which is so convenient to pay bills and buy stuff online with your own money. While other banks don’t offer that. Plus TD App also allows cheque depositing by taking a photo of your cheque to deposit the money in your account which is so convenient not needing to go to a branch to do it. While others don’t offer that feature. I tried other banks but TD’s customer service is by far the best every TD employee treats you like family. Scotia Bank I found to be the worse in customer service and hours aren’t convenient and so very few locations. CIBC is so so in customer service hours are also not convenient. Royal Bank customer service was bad with employees which tend to seem grumpy. No visa debit cards, hours aren’t convenient and so very few locations. TD Bank has way more locations spread out in the city and hours are the best.

  • mike m

    no android or Samsung pay
    TD is the worst when it comes to innovation.

    • thereasoner

      TD Mobile Payment widget works fine in place of Android Pay but I agree that nothing really beats Samsung Pay for the unlimited locations it can be used at.

  • XY

    and yet TD Bank doesn’t have Debit Visa to pay on NFC…. Even their local branch here in london was trying to tell me it did, they even made me download td’s own app they support when they realised oh it only works on “Debit only” cards and not debit visa. Even TD’s own staff doesn’t know what is supported.

  • Alex

    really? TD has the best app? damn, i still think its not that good…
    also… the TD Myspend app still doesn’t show notifications on TD charges… only things you spend on… or transfer

  • Quico

    They all should stop trying to push their apps down our throats and let us use Android Pay, give customers a choice.