Poll: What is the optimal smartphone screen size?


  • Elky64

    Personally, we prefer anything in the 5″-5.5″ range. Too big then it becomes awkward especially where my job is concerned.

  • Mario Gaucher

    I answered 4.5-4.9 because I really like my iPhone 7… and I will not go back to a plus size iPhone.
    But that said, it has more to do with the size of the phone itself than the screen size… i will seriously consider the iPhone X because of the size that looks about right for me.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Yes, whatever size Apple has available is the perfect size and hits things right on the mark.

    • Mario Gaucher

      I don’t know if you are serious or just sarcastic… 😉

  • Ben

    Not as much a screen size question but more like a phone size really… The screen can be as big as it can be but when the phone hits over 6″ diagonal (frame that is) then it becomes annoying to operate one handed for me.
    So because of this I’d say 5.2″ or so, but the less bezel a phone has, the higher this number is . Example ; I have the standard Pixel, size is perfect for me. But obviously, screen to body ratio sucks so only 5″ screen.

  • thereasoner

    With the new slim bezel designs up to 6″ is fine now, otherwise I prefer close to 5″ with regular sized bezels.

  • Hamid

    I don’t usually watch movies or write documents on my phone so a big screen is unnecessary but unfortunately I almost can’t have high end specs nowadays unless I get a big screen. I don’t wanna get an iPhone. So I have a G6. But if they made a G6 variant with a 5-5.3 inch screen. I think that’d be perfect.

  • jellmoo

    I feel like this question is very 2014 at this point. This year’s question should be about preferred aspect ratio.

    • Ipse

      Yup….5.5″ 16:9 doesn’t look the same as 5.7″ 18.5:9. For most apps the former is optimal, especially docs, emails and movies.
      Not a big fan of the changes in aspect ratio.

    • bloodless

      SamsuLG are trying to pull a “fast one” on everyone, by touting the “larger screens”.
      The fact is, since they are measured diagonally, all this equates to is a skinny, but tall phone.
      There’s nothing useful about that.
      Screen aspect ratios should have been maintained – at 16:9, instead of going 2:1.
      With the reduction of side bezels, and even the top/bottom bezels, it has never been easier to hold these larger-screened devices.
      We did not need to go skinny and tall.

      In a 16:9 aspect ratio (with minimal bezels), the optimum size would be 6 inches.
      This would ensure that actual “content” – youtube videos, games, apps – would actually FILL the 16:9 screen, instead of having black bars on the sides.
      You would also have more “width” to see more on your screen when browsing.
      The 2:1 aspect ratio screens were a bad idea.

  • TheCuddlyKoala

    3.5″ is the perfect size.

    • khiladi420

      i see what you did there haha

    • Jon Duke

      The eyes can’t see more pixels than that.

    • TheCuddlyKoala

      Right. Retina quality is all anyone needs.

    • Jim__R

      That’s NOT what she said.

  • Ricky Bobby

    I was told here that people buy phones because of specs

  • Besides the internal specs in a smartphone, I think the anything between 5 and 5.5 inches is perfect. Any smaller, and 40+ year olds have trouble seeing the text. Any larger and women can’t fit there phone into their front pockets, because women’s clothes manufacters make women’s pockets much smaller than mens.

  • Jon Duke

    With the bezeless trend, more than 6 is fine by me.

  • fred

    About 5″, but as others stated it’s more the total size of the phone that matters.

  • Brad Fortin

    It would be great if someone could make a “bezel-free” phone the size of the iPhone SE for easy one-handed operation.

  • bigbaddaveman

    The most important thing for me is that the phone body width is no more then 70mm. With that size constraint I can still use the phone one handed with no issues. Make the display as big as it can be within that.

  • Stephen_81

    I selected 5.0-5.4″ because for me that would be the ideal, but sadly I care more about battery life than screen size, so I am always in the 5.5+ range because they all get bigger batteries.

    I’d love someone to make a device with the same footprint and thickness as the BlackBerry Z10, but give it a near bezelless look like the samsung S8, with no curved screen. with the Tech we have today you’d be able to double if not triple the size of battery in that device and the size was perfect for 1 hand.

    • Garrett Cooper

      100% this!!

    • h2oflyer

      5.2″ with normal aspect ratio with small side bezels for easier holding would be perfect.

  • Jason Chu

    I once held my friends iPhone SE and thought that its the perfect sized phone to hold. The screen size was small, so I didn’t like that. People have said to me that the iPhone 5s is the perfect phone, size and screen wise. I bought an OnePlusOne when it first came out and it was like holding a standard size envelope and I got rid of that within a week. My HTC One M8 is the perfect width, but would like it more if it was shorter in height.

  • Garrett Cooper

    With the screen to body ratios out there now, I think a high end 5-5.4″ device, with a bit of thickness for a good battery (4k mAh) would be perfect. I have a Pixel XL that I chose simply for the higher res screen, and the battery life. I wanted the regular Pixel due to it’s size, but the two mentioned items won me over. It’s alright for one handed use, but it’s definitely my limit.

    That said, I had an S8 for a week while testing the Freedom network, and it felt like a great size give the 5.8″ screen.

  • Andrew Holt

    Making a phone with a screen less than 6″ should be illegal.

  • Sequoia46.2

    bezeless with a 4.7 inch display would be my dream phone for my small hands and tiny pockets

    • Mario Gaucher

      that would be really incredible!!!
      but battery would probably not be very good… it’s still pretty bad on the iPhone 7.

    • Sequoia46.2

      True I didn’t think about the battery size, but then they should increase the thickness of the phone. Make it 9-10 mm thick and put a 3000 mAh battery in there!

  • redok3

    Edge no edge poll you should do

  • Kyle Tuck

    5.0 inches is the only correct answer.

  • Norm Osgood

    5 is plenty. imho.

  • Uzair Abbas

    5.5 is fine or even 5.8. But 5.8 s8 is way too tall. Make it a little wide like iphone X, so notification is reachable. iPhone basically made 5.8″ screen with a similar phone size of iphone 8. Samsung should learn from this, make S8 same overall size of s7,

    There should be 3 categories, 5, 5.5 and 6. or 5.3, 5.8, 6.3

    I don’t understand why samsung went 5.8, 6.2, 6.3. Because they wanted stop gap due to note 7 withdrawal? But s9 is still rumored to be same 5.8/6.2 leaving the note having only difference of pen for next year, assuming dual camera coming for s9+.

    Also need to take into account the weight. Bigger screen needs more battery and more weight as a result. It becomes difficult for long use with one hand. I don’t know about others but I hold the weight on my pinky and use swype to type with thumb. Holding over pinky means not being able to pull down notifcation bar on large phones.

    • Stephen_81

      As more gestures get brought into the OS they can address notifications on larger phones with say right to centre and down gesture (the reverse of Hub access in BB10)

      That said I’m in partial agreement with you that I want a smaller device I like the look of the s8+ over the iPhone x because it has less wasted screen that the iPhone x has but I like the lack of curved glass on the iPhone x

  • Mo Dabbas

    With the new edge to edge pattern going on I would say 6″ or more.

  • Cass_m

    I really like my S8. It’s just the right width and being taller I can see more on scree if I’m using the keyboard. I use a swipe down gesture to open the notification panel and swipe up to open the app drawer.

  • mike m

    lots of people with small hands… ????

  • Rimtu Kahn

    Since I’ve used 6.44″ and all the way down to 3.7″ and various ones I’m the 4″ and 5″ ranges, currently 5.43″, I can honestly say based on my primary use case of messaging, music and movies, 6″ would be the ideal, while minimizing the discomfort associated with holding a large device for long periods.