Freedom’s $40/6GB and $50/8GB weekend flash sale is back once more


  • Captain Pokemon

    An excellent promo for back to school.

  • honesty

    i know over the years i saw a lot of hate on freedom’s (then, wind) network and I never had an issue with it at all. something that is true is they have no customer service whatsoever, I was required to pay a bill for a phone I did not use anylonger and previously I would just stop topping up a number and my phone would cancel so I thought the same thing would happen here. Long story short I had to pay a 4 month bill with these people, they were not understanding at all. I am now with an american phone company and their roaming rates are better than anything offered locally. Avoid these guys if you can help it.

    • johnnyrespect

      Honestly, if you had a prepaid line, then yes you would just automatically cancel if you stopped paying.
      If you switched to pay after and got a phone or even if you switched to pay after, then of course you need to properly cancel.
      Welcome to adulthood, buddy. Just so that you’re not shocked in the future; cable, electricity, water, car payments, rent, credit cards, and the like do not just cancel if you decide not to pay it.
      Good luck in life.

    • jb

      You sir, have made my day…

    • Desi Jatt

      Are you For Real?. You must have just turned legal age.

  • Patrick Cuyegkeng

    How is Freedom’s LTE on Band 66 in the GTA? Is reception better/worse/the same as the AWS band indoors? How about outdoors? Is speed fairly consistent (and good)?

    • I got the 8 G Everywhere plan just before visiting my daughter in downtown Toronto. I finally had service in her apartment elevator and in her apartment I had at least 4G instead of flirting with 3G or no service in those places. However in some buildings that are older no matter under which services your roaming for free, you can be stuck with no service or 3G. Out and about I was getting Freedom’s LTE most of the time. And it was great to have a phone out of Freedom Zones traveling to and from Toronto and back to Windsor.

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