Fido is offering up to $30 off a 6GB BYOD Pulse plan to some customers [Update]


  • It’s Me

    or save yourself $26 and move to a Koodo Quebec plan ($49/6GB) with no need to plead with retentions.

    • Razvan Zamfir

      same with Virgin recently

  • vn33

    Fido giveth with the right hand, and taketh with its left!!!

    Can you trust Fido not to change the plan anytime soon? Just two weeks ago (Aug 31), another MS article headline is “Fido to increase cost of 4Gb/$40 prom plan …”

  • Hamid

    Whoa, how’s someone who’s enough of a phone enthusiast to keep up with mobilesyrup paying $60 for 2 gigs? There are so many better options and I’m not talking about Wind.

  • kekekeke

    paying $50 for 5gb now… got an offer of 10gb for $75….

  • Supercooled

    Since when is 65 clamp a deal?

    I pay 30 for unlimited text, 300 minutes and 500mb. It’s enough for me. Whhow uses that much data on and mobile? Guess when you need to upload the latest vlog or snap chat you got to pay to play.

    • Cam McArthur

      I use around 2GB monthly. This is all internet browsing, facebook, twitter, some snapchat and some music streaming. Also take the bus to work. People have different usage habits, if 500MB for you is doable, than all the power to you, but given phone prices in areas with no competition, $65 for 6GB is a decent deal

    • Anonymous Agent

      I pay $50 for unlimited data, unlimited north American calling and unlimited global text and picture messaging which is a very good deal

  • Mo Dabbas

    I’m paying (here in Quebec) 51 for 8Gb (it’s 56 on fido’s website but I get 10% discount that I’ve been keeping for a while now). I got an offer of 10Gb for 76 but I didn’t see it as a good deal. But looking at this, Ontario people are really getting shafted with cell phone prices.

  • I have this plan here in Vancouver for $55 for about 1 month now. I think it depends on how long you’ve been with them. I think that played a factor with my change of plan.

  • Anonymous Agent

    Prices still to high. Should be unlimited data for $50 bucks with unlimited north American calling and global text and picture messaging

  • Eddie Panopio

    I got $49 for 7gig (Quebec)

  • Nick

    Im still on my old prepaid plan:

    250 outgoing SMS/ Unlimited received
    $0.30 cents per minute calls. (I’m averaging 10-15 minutes of call a month)
    Data is on demand. (low $10 with 150 MB and high $30 with 2GB)
    Most malls and establishments have WIFI nowadays
    And I have Internet at home and in the office.

    Phone: iPhone 6s from Apple store unlocked. purchased a 2 years ago.