iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Canadian carrier 2-year pricing [Updated]

Here's the price you will pay for the latest iPhone in Canada


  • Chickenf33d

    It’s important to note that these prices are based on the carrier’s Premium Plus tier plans, which are generally at a cost of $10/mo more over the more standard Premium tier plans.

    In the case of Premium plans, the prices should be roughly $200 more than what is listed in the article.

    At this time Telus, Bell and Rogers have their Premium Plus tiers while their sister brands Koodo, Virgin and Koodo do not.

    • sk

      How much do you think the X will go for on a 2 year plan ? Do you think sister brands like Virgin will get it ?

    • Zee

      My guess is the X will start at something like $489 on a 2 year plan, higher storage model will probably be $689

    • sk

      No way the X will be cheaper than the 8 plus. I’m thinking $609.99 with the big providers and $809.99 with Virgin, Koodo etc. That’s if the sister companies will even get them.

    • sk

      Sorry I thought you were referring to the 256 gb model

    • Chickenf33d

      That is where I am at with my own educated guesses.

      I’m expecting the X 256 to be $1000 upfront on a Premium tier plan.

    • jroc

      Based off the pricing for the 8/8+ the X will be $619 and $819.

      There’s not a chance it be $489/689

  • andy957

    too bad the image is not the iPhone 8.

    • jroc

      How do you figure?

    • Zach Murray

      What an odd comment to leave lol. Andys i mean

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Too bad there is no 128gb