Here’s everything you need to know about Bell’s ALT TV


  • Tim

    Next level advertising right here.

  • John Lofwire

    Get your fact straight at start of 2017 i used bell for a month at home and i was able to ( when on Bell Wifi ) to stream all my channel for an infinit amount of time on my phone and tablet.

    Outside of my home wifi i was limited to about 50% of my channel but still could use it unlimited..

    This Bell mobile fibre tv was a very old program offered to mobility customer and i was a landline tv and internet customer)

    • Simon Cohen

      Hey John, sorry, I can’t really tell from your comment which aspect of the article you feel is inaccurate. Can you provide some more info? Happy to correct it if I got something wrong.

    • John Lofwire


      The old mobile fiber tv offer you gave is for mobile customers.

      If you are a TV and internet customers with them you can check all your included tv channel to the Bell fibre tv app on any smartphone , tablet or online on a computer for an unlimited amount of time.

      you do need to be connected to the home wifi ( Bell router ) for this when you go outside about half the channel will not work.

      I am currently with videotron and its exactly the same i can right now at work stream mostly all my channel.

    • Simon Cohen

      So I think there’s maybe some confusion around Bell’s different products. The article is mainly about ALT TV, but I do refer to both Fibe TV as well as Bell Mobile TV for comparison purposes. So what you said initially is absolutely correct for both ALT TV and Bell Fibe TV. I listed the Mobile TV’s limitations so that people understand what the difference is. So that said, was there anything in the article that you still is think is incorrect, or unclear?

    • John Lofwire

      Well they are not offering the mobile one anymore ( unless you already have it) but beside that nope 🙂

    • Simon Cohen

      Looks like it’s still being offered to me. Google Bell Mobile TV, or go to Bell dot ca forward slash Mobility forward slash Mobile-TV 🙂

    • John Lofwire

      Not offered in Quebec anymore for new clients but i did not look others province.

    • Abel

      I see it on the website, even when the region is changed to QC

    • John Lofwire

      Its was not offered at the start of the year when I used them for my home needs. Its not because you see it on the website that its available.

    • Abel

      If it is on their website, they offer it; otherwise it would be false advertising.

      You probably dealt with an uninformed rep.

    • John Lofwire

      I tried to give you a link and the moderator did not aprove it.

      Search Bell fibre tv app on google and you gonna easily find it.
      Its basically the app to stream all your bell fibe channel to about any device ( including apple tv )

    • It’s Me

      Calm down and chill out John. We don’t want you having a stroke.

  • TomsDisqusted

    The lack of DVR functions – which is a serious drawback – is not about the lack of settop box: this functionality can be supported better in the cloud then in a setup-top box, as Google’s US TV service shows (or so I’ve read, not used it myself).

    Also, if Bell is serious about this, they need to aid full Chromecast and Airplay support.

  • ChrisPollard77

    Here’s an idea … offer the service to anyone, on any internet provider. It’s the internet. There is no technical reason it has to be tied to the provider’s internet connection. Oh, wait, just that big one … it would mean there could be actual competition. Move along, nothing to see here.

    • Comrade Yeti

      Actually there are hard requirements and reasons. Regulatory and contractual. Broadcast licenses have weird restrictions (that make no sense) and you can bet HBO is as abusive to Bell as Bell is to us. It’s not simple, otherwise VMedia would not have been smacked down by the CRTC last year.

    • Stephen B Morris

      VMedia was forced to take down their Roku app because Bell sued claiming that it wasn’t fair. Then turned around and launched their app on Apple TV like what, 6-8 months later?! And I don’t buy their content provider excuse because there were way more channels that I could stream away from home before they launched this product and now most of those same channels are now restricted. If it was one or two, sure. But not that many at once. If Rogers even does remotely better with Comcast’s X1 system, I’m gone.

  • SV650

    So, to watch on your TV, the purchase of a set-top box is a further expense, unless you already have an Apple TV device?

    • Faiz Imam

      The only other option is chromecast.

      While I’m happy this product exists, it’s pretty much useless for most people at the current prices.

      If you really want live TV, most people are much better off paying slightly more for Fibe TV.

      But I’m hoping that as more people cord cut, Bell will take advantage of this existing product and cut its price/improve its offerings to compete with online options.

    • Abel

      “The only other option is chromecast.”

      Or, you can use a laptop (or have a dedicated media (old) computer) connected to the TV via HDMI.

      “If you really want live TV, most people are much better off paying slightly more for Fibe TV.”

      Or, an Over-The-Air antenna that gives access to the main channels (and even Americans), depending on where one lives.

  • jndvrk

    $75 for 350GB of monthly bandwitdth, and that’s already with a bundle discount? Now that’s a deal worthy of the Bell name. ಠ_ಠ

  • Marshall Davidson

    Well I cancelled my Fibe TV in favour of ALT TV primarily because I don’t care anymore than a basic package and I’m paying about half of what my previous bill was. Right now its $70 per month for internet and ALT TV bundled verses nearly $160 for Fibe TV and Internet.
    This is obviously the best choice for people with minimal needs and who don’t care for PVR’ing programs.

  • Marc Purdon

    I’ll never get Bell internet but I may have given Bell my money for Alt TV but their loss if they have restrictions…

  • Mike

    will it work whit Roku Ultra