Montreal-based app Feed Me is like Tinder, but for restaurants

Feed Me's hamburger menu interface

It’s an admittedly strange idea that works surprisingly well in execution: Tinder, but for restaurants.

At least, that’s what Montreal-based restaurant app Feed Me aims to provide users.

The app works quite a bit like the popular mobile dating app. Users are presented with photos of restaurants within a four-block radius, and can swipe left to reject the restaurant or right to add it to a list of favourite places.

An image showing the swipe interface on Feed Me


The app also lets users customize their taste preferences. If you’re in the mood for barbeque, for example, you can choose it from a list of cuisines and the app will present more restaurants with barbeque on the menu.

Much like Tinder, users can also tap on restaurant profiles to learn more about location information, as well as to read reviews sourced from Yelp.

“The goal is to make reading the reviews fun even if you’re not hungry, like when you’re waiting for the bus or metro or sitting on the couch at home,” said Amie Watson, the app’s founder and creator, in a July 6th, 2017 media release.

The app also presents picky eaters on a rejection streak with a preferences menu, to better help them find what they’re looking for.

An image showing the favourites list and the cuisine list

Again, Tinder-for-restaurants seems like a strange idea, but it’s actually quite fun to swipe through the app even if you aren’t necessarily looking for something to eat. At the very least, users can learn more about the restaurants in their area so that they have an idea of where to go when they are ready for a meal.

Feed Me is free-to-download on both Android and iOS.

Source: Feed Me