Get a free Google Home with the purchase of the Pixel XL


  • It’s Me

    They are literally giving these things away. If you aren’t buying a pixel there are some fire sale prices in the US.

    And for smart things, even cheaper.

    Good time to get into home automation

    • Smanny

      You could say the same about the iPhone 7’s. Every carrier in the US is giving you a free iPhone 7, if you buy an iPhone 7 on contract. Wait what am I saying. The iPhone sales are definitely more desperate.

    • It’s Me

      Yeah, almost like it’s about to be replaced. Who’d a thunk it. LOL

      yup. Every genius knows iPhone sales are desperate. You can probably measure ones IQ just based on that assertion 😀 but you’re going off topic again. This has nothing to do with Apple.

    • thereasoner

      They won’t let me post it but it’s in my history of your want. Both a link to free with trade in and a screen shot of my Google search showing the bogo.

    • It’s Me

      Feel free to post it with the dots replaced, which always works. Or just post the link in another reply and I should be able to see it on disqus.

      or try this 😉

    • thereasoner

      Okay, just Google the Verg for the trade in one, it was in Sept 2016. The rest you’ll see for yourself but you need to Google “iPhone 7 BOGO deals 2016” or a bunch for 2017 will come up.

      You don’t know how to use Google? Very weird!

    • It’s Me

      So, you have nothing about bogo a month after launch. Figured.

      Signing up for a contract and trading in an almost new phone to get it for $0 up front doesn’t really scream desperation. Not the same way “please take this for free, some one please take one” does.

    • thereasoner

      Here’s another one from Phone Arena;
      “Aaand…the best deal on an iPhone 7 buy goes to Sprint”
      -sept 09 2016
      In it the writer makes a specific reference to “quasi BOGO deal” for the iPhone 7.

      – I said,
      “Even new launches are seeing BOGO and free with trade in deals soon after launch. The iPhone 7 was barely out a month before these deals showed up.
      Not just BOGO deals, so my point stands.

      – Just because you’re too lazy to Google my quoted sources that doesn’t mean that I made anything up as I’ve proven.

      – the other links I mentioned are in my history, you probably can’t see it yet because it’s labeled “pending”.

      – you could trade in a Touch Disease prone iPhone 6 for a “free” iPhone 7 right after the iPhone 7 came out, sounds like a great deal to me.

      – nobody said anything about being “desperate”, (that was the little voice in your head) although now that you mentioned it I guess that you could say that Apple was desperate to get those faulty iPhones 6 models off the market considering the class action lawsuit from those affected by Touch Disease.

      You’re being insecure about your brand of choice again, perhaps you should try something that you don’t feel the need to defend so much?

    • It’s Me

      You said a lot of things, I asked about bogos a month after launch. Thanks for not being able to back that up. And the “Quasi-bogo” wasn’t a bogo at all, but just another trade in, if you had a relatively recent iPhone to trade in.

      Not sure why you felt the need to make up bogo stuff. Like I said, it’s just weird. Recall, it was you are spammy that made this about iPhones. Which is weird. I just asked if you could back up what you said, which you couldn’t. But I think most Rob Ford and Trump supporters are weird and have a habit of making stuff up. Alternative facts is what you call them, isn’t it? 😀

    • thereasoner

      I didn’t write the Phone Arena story that describes BOGO deals and your opinion that it’s “made up” is irrelevant. All sorts of deals were out for the iPhone 7 right out of the gate, it’s hilarious that you’re so insecure that someone pointing that out upsets you so much! 🙂

      …and back to the hypocritical Ford/Trump nonsense ? Really ? This when you have already exposed yourself as a typical sexist, anti work diversity, Damore supporting, knuckle-dragging conservative supporter?

      Go crack open one of your BGR Disqus profiles and go play there. You’ll be getting no more attention from me and it’s where your kind really belongs anyways.

    • It’s Me

      I didn’t say the article was made up. I said you made up the bogo’s happening in a month after launch. The best you could come up with was an article that called a trade in a “quasi bogo”, in other word, not a bogo.

      Again, again, nice attempt to taint other with your filthy views. You were a Ford supporter. Say it loud, be proud and own it. And it really is disgusting. Really, as horrible as Trump supporters in the US. I get that you are an uneducated factory worker, but that is no excuse. Vile, disgusting people really, since you mention it.

      Canadians wonder how Trump got elected. But they should remember we have our our despicables, that similarly supported and elected Rob Ford. We should never underestimate the power of the hate filled, low IQ masses.

    • Anthony

      I’m finding it hard to find a BOGO even now. Everything I can find you have to sign up for another service to get it. It’s not a straight BOGO, which leads me to believe it’s not Apple behind the sale it’s the carrier. In other cases it’s a straight you buy this and I give you this.

    • thereasoner

      Pretty much all flagships are getting great deals now, the market is so saturated. Even new launches are seeing BOGO and free with trade in deals soon after launch. The iPhone 7 was barely out a month before these deals showed up.

      The only people that are paying full freight these days are those who pre-order or those who must have it right after launch that is unless you wanted a Pixel when it was short stock.

    • It’s Me

      Do you have a link about bogo iP7 barely a month out?

      Or did you just make that up? Which would be weird.

  • Who needs it, when the Google Pixel XL phones do it all? Side note, downloaded Android Oreo Preview OS 8.0 today. So far, so good!

    • RidgeBoyGenius

      Same here!

  • southerndinner

    I haven’t seen an XL in store in months. It’s almost like Google conceded defeat to Samsung once the S8+ launched

  • Mahmood

    I make the orders in August 25 and till today I don’t recive Google home speaker I don’t know how to trak it