Poll: How much is your monthly wireless bill?

How much do you pay the carrier each month?


  • Justin Brooks

    $38.42 after taxes for 4GB plan with Public Mobile.

  • Olivier

    58$ for 8GB with Fido (Quebec) + 2GB free 24 months loyalty offer after threatening them I would switch with Videotron for same offer.

  • Ghenosis

    Bell 12GB/Unlimited US&Canada calling $75/mo SK in BC w/ 30% EPP. $58 after tax.
    Koodo 6GB/Unlimited Canada calling + 1000 Bonus LD Minutes $48/mo QB in BC w/ 30% EPP. $37 after tax.

  • CmdrKeen4

    $40 + $15 tab charge for 1GB data from Koodo with 500 minutes calling.


    Fido – $75 BYOP plan, includes 10GB and unlimited national talk + $5 Value Pack that includes full vm and $0.01 / min calls to the US. So $80 / month + taxes. Ontario.

  • Jeff Forrest

    Bell New Brunswick – $65/month times 4 phones…unlimited everything and an added $80/month for 10 GB of shared data

  • Werdner

    Rogers – $50 – 6GB data, unlimited North American calling, VM, texts, etc

    • It’s Me

      Had that same plan for $53 for many years until all of the credits disappeared. Great that you still have it…Corp plan?

  • Sophia

    $45/month for 6 GB data, unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited international texting & vm with Virgin Mobile

  • Ryan Griver

    $55 6GB unl CDA talk, Intl TXT, visual VM

  • Gregg Lowden

    $145 for 20GB, unlimited anywhere voice, text, enhanced VM. Share plan. That’s Ontario being Rogered by the highest rates, least competition

  • hoo dat

    WIND/Freedom works very well for me. Grandfathered on the old US roaming plan ($50) which gives me: 10GB; Unlimited Canada/US calling, SMS/MMS; international texts; US roaming (full data; 2,400mins calling p/m), etc.

    Granted my average speeds may not match LTE but they’re completely usable (currently I’m averaging 14Mb/s on 3G) and reliability really isn’t an issue anymore and I’ve never had an issue with their footprint. I’m able to watch HD streaming video (Netflix, etc) without buffering and stalling. Not much of a gamer.

  • Pierre Alexandre

    I’m with Fido, 69$ for 8GB, Unlimited Canada-Wide Minutes, Unlimited Text, Picture and Video Messages from Canada to U.S. & Intl Mobile Numbers, Voicemail and the Premium Calling Rate

  • James Arsenault

    $ 77 a month, unlimited canada and USA text only, no voice 6 GB from Bell

  • Jesse

    $75 CAN-US plan 10GB of data, unlimited Call/text.

  • Mike

    I’m paying $75/line for 15GB each. I only have two lines, so I’m paying $150.00 a month for 30gb shared with Telus. I am in NS, but I did the whole activate your line with a SK address and phone number, and port your local number over later and change your address through self serve. I’m pretty happy. 🙂

  • slavitch

    $38/month for 4 phones on Public Mobile. One line is discounted $12 a month A few dollars each month for interprovincial talk. $40 for each roaming trip to the US gives unlimited talk text and 1.25gb data. Globally I use another SIM. I buy my own phones.

  • katharma81

    4 euro for 1000 minutes talk and 1Gb Vodafone Greece.

  • Patrick Beliveau

    153 for 4 lines.
    6GB each line. (+unlimited music which has now turned into 2GB extra each line so 8GB total)
    Unlimited calls in Canada and the US. Unlimited text

    works out to 33.99/line + tax. Videotron. We’re in Ottawa.

  • Sam

    $60/month for 5 GB of data per month with 5 lines.. so 25 GB of data between 5 people. Its current plan though so i can upgrade on contract without losing my plan which is nice. With Bell in Ontario

  • Gino Jongenelen

    $40 for 50GB data and unlimited text/calls. The Netherlands

    • Leif Shantz

      We would dream of those plans but know it will never come….
      Maybe in the year 3000????

    • Gino Jongenelen

      Keep dreaming then 😉

    • Leif Shantz


    • Anonymous Agent

      Nope I get Unlimited Data here in Canada for only $50 per month with unlimited North American Calling. Unlimited Global text and picture messaging. So don’t need to dream .

    • Anonymous Agent

      Nope don’t need to dream. I get Unlimited Data here in Canada for only $50 per month with unlimited North American Calling. Unlimited Global text and picture messaging. So don’t need to dream .

    • Leif Shantz

      Let me guess what carrier….. Freedom?

    • Anonymous Agent

      Nope. A better carrier

    • It’s Me


  • Jordih

    PC Mobile $38/mo + $6/per GB

  • Jonathon Taylor

    $70/month: Unlimitede Canada-wide calls and texts, Call ID, call waiting, call forwarding, call display, 3-way calling, voicemail. 6GB of data. Plus Unlimited calls and texts from Canada to USA and unlimited texts from Canada to any international number. Telus in Northern Ontario.

  • Stephen_81

    Rogers Ontario
    $290/mo 30GB sharable data
    3 Canada wide lines 1 with voicemail to text
    1 Data only line

  • Ben

    I’m in QC : 53,47$ all in (46,06$ + tx) for unlimited calls, texts, etc Canada wide and 7 GB with Rogers (57$ plan minus 20% corp discount).
    It is a BYOD plan obviously.

  • Trotsky

    Unlimited Canada-wide calls and texts and the usuals
    Voicemails forwarded to my e-mail address
    14GB of data

    • Leif Shantz

      14 GB???? You’re kidding???

    • Trotsky

      Nope, had 6GB + Unlimited Music. I used it a lot since I also have Google Play Music Unlimited.
      Then the CRTC came in, said Unlimited Music is illegal. Videotron then gave their users data add-ons ranging from 1GB to 8GB, depending on how much they actually used the service, to compensate for taking Unlimited Music away. Luckily, they gave me 8GB, so now I have a grand total of 14GB.

    • Leif Shantz

      WOW lucky you!! I pay $48 for 6 GB Virgin Mobile SK plan which is pretty good for the price….

    • Trotsky

      Yeah that’s what my girlfriend is getting with Fido, it’s a pretty good deal!

      And yeah, can’t say anything against Videotron. I wanted to renew my contract last week to get a subsidized LG G6, but my contract was $4 too cheap to get it for $99.99, so the woman on the phone just told me she’d add the “Voicemails by e-mail” option for $4 and just give me a $4 credit right away. Didn’t even have to ask for it. And I also got to keep my 8GB data add-on.

      Seriously, there’s a reason why they keep getting awards for the best customer service year after year.

    • Leif Shantz

      Videotron would’ve been the T-Mobile of Canada if they hadn’t sold their spectrum to Robbers.

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    With Freedom/wind have been with them since 2011 on The Super Smart Plan for 29.00 a Month
    Grandfathered Plan all in it’s 33.00 a month and works fine for me as don’t use much data at home on WIFI 80% of the time

  • Spy Tec

    $133.47 for 2GB Shared – calls/text unlimited – Rogers. In NB you get screwed the same regardless of the carrier.

    • Eternal Light


    • Spy Tec

      And that is grandfathered in, so any changes and it goes up. Talked to them today and was quoted $130 +tax and extras, but for 2 more GB’s…ridiculous >$150

    • Leif Shantz

      Holy smokes!!!!!

    • vn33

      I’m sorry to hear that!

  • Carter Loose

    I recently switched to Koodo. My plan is $65/month for 3GB of data on BYOD. I also got a $10 a month bill credit for 6 months when I signed up. I’m in Alberta.

  • Terry Schenk

    Got an older promo plan with Telus (AB) about 4 years ago under $150 /month for 1 phone on contract 1 not on contract +6 Gb shared, unlimited txt and calls in N America

  • Jeremy Kinch

    A little over $200 a month for 2 lines, 7GB shared for $65 on Bell.

    • Eternal Light

      Auch! That’s brutal…

    • Jeremy Kinch

      Seems a little excessive eh…….

  • Ipse

    66$ for unlimited Canada &US calls and 10GB – Videotron (2 years contract included 780$ phone subsidy).

  • @thekenwong

    $56 / 8GB on Koodo using a QC Plan

  • TheTechSmith

    $37/month 4GB Data Unlimited Province Wide x 2 + $25/Month Unlimited Province Wide/Text no Data with Public Mobile (rewards included)


    Virgin mobile, Ontario. BYOD plan 2 + 2gb 1000 min, unlimited texting, Canada wide calling, free unlimited calling on evenings and weekends after 5pm,
    All for $60 before taxes.

    Always looking for a better deal though.

  • Mark Richards

    Fido, 500MB data, canada-wide long distance, enough voice minutes, unlimited text, $45 after tax.

  • I.T. Man

    70$ super 6gb plan My 10, 200 Min – unlimited evening and weekend local calling. +5$ mini voicemail add on. 75$ total

  • Denis Heraud

    160$/month for 2 lines and 7GB of shared data on Rogers (with one iPhone 6S on 2 year contract and one BYOD) with Canada-wide calls and unlimited texts.

  • Alfred

    $84.75 tax included for 3 lines:
    – legacy $25 wind mobile talk-only plan
    – legacy $30 wind mobile 5GB data and talk plan
    – legacy $35 wind mobile non-LTE 2GB data and talk plan
    – sweet -$5/line better together savings 🙂

    • Leif Shantz

      That’s how Canadian prices should be but we’re getting hosed big time.

  • TechRanger

    Public Mobile $31/month ($93/90 days) – Unlimited text, Unlimited Provincial talk and 4GB data/month! Loving it!

  • Costi

    70$ a month for unlimited call & text, 8GB of data (call display, call waiting & voicemail) and when I travel to the U.S, I pay no additional fees like no 5$ a day to bring my plan. It’s part of my package. It was a Promotion with bell

    • Specterz

      That’s good plan from Bell. Keep it as long as you can keep it.

  • KiwiBri

    Koodo $50+tx for 6GB, unlimited long distance Canada, unlimited text and picture msg, voice mail

  • CH

    $80/month Rogers. 2GB data, unlimited talk and text. BYOD.
    Some of these Videotron numbers are giving me the sads.

  • Samir Fayed

    $65/month Fido, 6GB data + 2GB free for a year, unlimited talk/text. BYOD.

  • Leif Shantz

    Virgin Mobile Canada $48 Saskatchewan plan and it gets me unlimited Canada wide talk, global text, 6 GB of data and voice mail
    I will likely keep this plan forever!

  • Iron Sean

    Wait, those were full plans for 6GB at $60, not just the Data portion?

    I’m at 5GB for $50 that I’m grandfathered into from the 3 year contract days.

    • silver_arrow

      Yup I have 200 minutes, text, VM and caller IS and 6 gigs fo data for $60. They ran it when iPhones released and before people actually used data.

    • Garrett Cooper

      I remember that data deal way back in the day. I always felt it was too $$$ when they offered it to me because I didn’t need that much data. Oh how things have changed.

    • Stephen_81

      I took the plan, but was on an old BlackBerry at the time, 6GB was an insane amount of data for me, but I was willing to pay a bit more for the big jump from 500MB to 6GB I think it was like $8/mo more at the time.

    • Iron Sean

      I’ve got 5GB, 500 minutes, nationwide to 10 number, evenings at 5pm, Call Display, VM, texts for $50, similar situation. My question was whether these current deals from last week or the whole plan or just Data though.

  • Pete McDonnell

    Public Mobile; 4GB for $40/mo

  • Frédéric Gagnon

    57$ – 8GB, fido, bring your phone

  • Rad Dockery

    $80, 3 GB Voicemail 25, Unlimited Calling.. Virgin.. expensive

  • Brandon Arneson

    $105.44 for 10gb of data on Virgin mobile because I brought my own phone and switched over from freedom mobile on August 14th

    • Matthew McLaren

      That’s rubbish for a BYOD deal.

    • Brandon Arneson

      Look at their website and set the region to Alberta and go look at their plans. They have a bring your own phone category followed by 3 tiers called silver gold and platinum and the 10gb plan costs $130 on the platinum tier. I’m sorry but its true what I said.

    • Matthew McLaren

      I didn’t mean what you said was rubbish just in general the value is poor… £100 for 10GB would still be heavily priced in my opinion but better than $130… however I think its silly how much the talk plans are too.

    • Brandon Arneson

      Yes I agree that the price isn’t the best and something needs to be done about this. I just got an email from openmedia and it was about the federal government asking the CRTC to do something so prices can be lower for cell phone bills, there was also a link to a petition that you can sign and all the signatures. will go to the CRTC

    • Stephen B Morris

      If it were up to them, EVERYONE would be paying more than that. It’s sad.

  • Dev

    $105 Bell 4GB Data (2GB + bonus 2GB) Premium plan in Ontario ($100 plan + $5 bundle 5 addon for visual voicemail and international texting)

    • Denys S

      That’s is an awful price, you can get it cheaper or at least more data. Virgin mobile offers 10GB for $105/month.

  • Keval Prajapati

    56$ with koodo. 3gb of data. Unlimited minutes nation wide, unlimited text, VM and caller id.

  • Shawn B

    $32-38 for 4gb of LTE and Province calling on Public Mobile.

  • clockwork

    $50 with Rogers
    Loyalty 4GB Plan that they gave out just over a month ago for a few days.
    Unlimited Eve & Wknd Minutes
    Unlimited Weekday Minutes
    Call Display, Call Forwarding/Call Transfer, Name Display, Voicemail included in Plan, Unlimited Canadian LD, Unltd Text/Pic/Video Messages

  • Tyler Hardeman

    I have a legacy plan will Bell, something they only offered for about 6 months in 2009. I actually got this plan when the Palm Pre launched! I pay $88/month

    Unlimited HSPA+ data, no LTE
    unlimited evenings/weekends, 400 daytime minutes. I’ve never gone over.
    2000 outgoing sms, unlimited incoming
    voicemail, call display, etc all included.

    Not having LTE in 2017 is really starting to suck, but unlimited data is really hard to give up. 9 months of the year I use less than 4GB, but months with travel/holidays usually pushes me up to 7-8GB. And there is nothing cheaper on the market now that would give me 8GB of LTE data.

    • Stephen Melissis

      I have 8 gb LTE with freedom for $45/month, plus 1gb roaming data, 2400 roaming minutes and unlimited roaming text in Canada/US

    • Tyler Hardeman

      Which I’m sure is 100% fine if you never leave one of the 5 cities Freedom is in.

      I keep wanting to move to freedom, but the coverage just isn’t there. Even on their high end plan with 1GB of away data, when I’m travelling that’s when I use the most data, so that doesn’t work.

    • Captain Pokemon

      I am curious if Bell ever called you to rectify your deal by switching you to LTE network but giving up unlimited data.

    • Tyler Hardeman

      not once. I did go in once around 2014 and ask if I could get LTE data with my existing plan and was told no.

      But Bell has never reached out to me, aside from the odd promotional text message blast that I’m sure almost everyone gets.

    • Captain Pokemon

      Thank you for getting back. That is funny because my colleague at work has the same plan pretty much like yours and he gets call from BELL almost every 6 months to switch to a new plan by giving up his unlimited plan. Mind you, I think he gets flagged as a heavy user since he doesn’t have an internet at home and he tethers everything from his phone. LOL

    • Tyler Hardeman

      That’s interesting. I remember in the plan details it specifically says tethering is not included. I’m surprised they haven’t cut him off.

    • Denys S

      Virgin mobile $85 6GB LTE data and rest is unlimited

    • Stephen B Morris

      Unlimited>LTE speed bump. Keep your plan and don’t fall for the hype. Bell HSPA is not too bad and saving 20 seconds or so isn’t worth giving up the bill security. Just my two cents anyway.

  • Yup, $77 for 7gigs.

    • But!… now I have 15 gigs cause Videotron lost a court case regarding free Spotify.

  • Anonymous Agent

    I’m paying only $50 per month for unlimited data. With Unlimited North American Calling. Unlimited Global text and picture messaging.

  • David Harley2

    $55. per month +taxes

    Unlimited Nationwide CAN/US talk (Not US Roaming)
    Unlimited TXT & MMS messaging
    Voicemail and Caller ID
    5GB LTE Data

    Bell (Corporate Plan from my work)

  • Eric Rosenquist

    Videotron service in Ottawa. Two lines with 6GB each & unlimited txt/voice for $43.95 per line.

  • Dexter

    59.10 for unlimited everything with telus in MB

  • Jason

    $56/Month after Taxes
    2 GB data Promo
    Victoria BC

  • SkAshe

    $34/month before taxes
    Unlimited everything except data
    2 GB data
    It was a black friday deal from 2015 only in Quebec

  • Garrett Cooper

    Koodo, $48/mo for 5GB unlimited. With my Calgary number.

  • bobbob davis

    $53.00 7gb data Big Red with carryover .

  • specialk2000

    $27.50/mo per line for 5 lines

    Freedom Mobile
    8GB Full Speed Data
    Unlimited Canada/US Calling
    Unlimited Global Texting

    While roaming in Canada/US:
    1GB Full Speed Data
    2400 Canada/US min.
    Unlimited Global Texting

    Bet no one can beat that, haha!

    • Stephen Melissis

      I have the same plan for $45… how on earth did you manage that???

    • specialk2000

      Promo Everywhere 50 8GB + 1GB (Same as Everywhere 59 but for $50).

      Then 35% off with Friends & Family codes, then $5 off with multiline discounts.

  • Cam McArthur

    Public Mobiles fall promo (unlimited provincial talk, text and 4GB of data) for $32 a month

  • Joel D’Astous-Pagé

    Koodo (Quebec)
    $42/month before taxes
    Unlimited everything; 4 Gb data (BYOP)
    It was a retention deal from july 2017

  • Canadaknows

    Fido-BYOD- $50/month unlimited everything but 5GB data, nationwide voice. Alberta

  • Nevin

    $52.5 for 10GB fido roam unlimited call and text

  • Shippo7

    Rogers Enterprise Share Everything Plan $75 for 5GB

  • Shippo7

    Rogers Enterprise Share Everything Plan Premium Tab (with an iPhone 7 Plus contract phone) $75 for 5GB

  • Dave Walker

    $40 Cityfone (Rogers) 2 gig (1.5 promotional), 400 minutes, including texts, voice mail and call display. Also includes a new phone.

  • Crazy Legs™

    Telus $70 per month (with a corporate discount). 3gb of data. Unlimited Nationwide calling and messaging. Phone being paid off on a contract.

  • 65$ / Fido / 6GB. Unlimited nation wide calling and international texting

  • berad sor

    Freedom, 33.89 (including tax), 4 GB, unlimited talk + text in Canada, unlimited US and international text and MMS.

  • Mikaël Galipeault

    69,30$ for 7 GB Unlimited Nationwide
    Rogers with Desjardins 10% discount

  • Stephie

    Ive got the koodo $49 Quebec BYOD plan with 6gb of data and unlimited call/text in Canada.

    I think it should be noted that most of us who would frequent a site like mobiles trip are generally outside of the general population. I think we’d be much more likely to scrounge for a good deal, and to also be on BYOD plans due to buying phones outright. The general population are on 90-100$ plans which include way less data/calling.

    I think it’s an important differentiation, and the data from this poll is going to be skewed way lower.

  • Gerard Laframboise

    Koodo 55$ with a 10% discount for the first 12 months 8 GB

    • OMFCody

      That’s really good, is it a SK/MB/QC plan?

  • Denys S

    2 lines with Virgin mobile in Ontario
    $27+tax for 300 nationwide minutes and international sms, no data
    $65+tax for unlimited calls, international sms and 4GB data + $5 visual voicemail

  • Sequoia46.2

    $40 with tax for Fido BYOD 2GB pulse plan in Quebec, black friday deal from 2 years ago.

  • sk1d

    Fido pulse
    $65/mo (48 base plan +17 for phone financing)
    Unlimited Canada Wide calling and texting

  • MFido

    $25 + tx – koodo, unlimited voice Canada + intl. SMS/MMS. No data. Transfered from PM. QC

  • $15 for 3GB of data Fido, no voice or sms. Also have a Bell Turbo hub for internet but that’s retarded amount of money @ $145/mo for 100GB data.

  • Aaron

    $50 Unlimited North American Calling, Worldwide SMS and MMS, 6GB of data. Tbaytel, roaming on Rogers.

  • samsvoc

    Rogers Corp plan, $56.50 all in, unlimited everything within Canada.

  • Used to pay $70/2gb with Rogers. I currently pay €4/20gb out in France. There’s some things I don’t miss back home!

  • Asher

    $49 6gb virgin mobile

  • George Khoury

    72$ for 7GB w/ROGERS

  • Channy

    3 lines
    $270 a month / $90 each

  • Olivier Roy

    67$/7GB w/ Rogers + an additional 10% discount for Desjardins bank members. So about 60.30$ + tx. Google Pixel on a smart plan in QC.

  • Swinada

    koodo 55.- with 1gb data unlimited message 500 min everywhere calls
    Reading all the other comments i seem to be getting shafted big time I pay for 5 phones on my account and 2 on my wife’s account and none of them have more then 1 gb of data and they all cost me between 40-55 dollars a month. 🙁 and i have been a loyal Koodo customer for many years

  • Alex Coudry

    65$ for 7gb

  • Neil Osadchy

    150 for 2 phones and 9 gigs

  • Chris

    $15+HST/month on Fido for 3GB of data on a data-only plan. For phone, I make all my outgoing calls for free on Google Hangouts, and for incoming calls, I got a free virtual phone number using the TextNow app. Beats the $80+ I was spending each month before for a data + phone plan.

  • $71 after tax. 5 GB

  • smallmj

    Koodo prepaid with booster packs that don’t expire. $30 for 1 GB, $25 for 500 minutes, $15 monthly base charge.

    I average about $25 a month, though it is creeping up a bit with data usage. Clearly I don’t use much data or airtime compared to most people here.

    If it keeps rising past $40, I’ll move to the Koodo postpaid 500 MB/ 500 minutes plan.

  • Moe

    Koodo 1 – Line UNL everything Including 6 Gb $44+Tax

  • Zee

    $30 Virgin Mobile – 100 Canada mins, unlimited international text, 100 MB data. Region : Metro Vancouver, BC

  • Taka_San

    $65 for 6 GB on Virgin Mobile

  • Scotiaman1

    50 for 4.5 GB Eastlink

  • OMFCody

    $75 for 15GB and unlimited everything else on Telus

  • Mike Newman

    $15 for 3GB data only from Fido

    $0 for unlimited talk from Fongo

  • djino

    $49 for 10GB with Rogers ($70 BYOP Quebec plan – 30% Corp discount).

  • Merags

    $200 for 7GB shared data for 2 accounts and unlimited everything else from Telus in Ontario.

  • mamad2020

    $35 with Chatr. Unlimited Us/Can calling, plus 5GB 3G data, and 30 mins roaming per month. BC

  • adam

    My data with Telus mobility Is 60GB/month…yes 60GB…where I live is just out of reach of any WIFI tower or line of sight signal due to the curvature of the earth and the River Valley i reside in. One cell phone is Wifi antenna for home electronics and security (which is great cause as soon as anyone approahes yard i get notified). The other cell line Is my personal cell…. Tried data through satellite… Pure garbage

  • adam

    Ooh yes the cost is 400+ month…. The rural residents subsidize the city with the high costs of data…. And my data is not bottle necked like home data is after a certain percentage

  • Alex

    Bell, $65, 6GB. 300mins, voicemail, caller ID.

  • blzd

    $25/month for 5GB with Freedom.

    It’s a grandfathered 3G plan with no voice mail or long-distance calling.

    • DigitalMann

      My wife has had the Irresistible35 from Wind/Freedom since 2011. She pays $35/mo

      Unlimited Data (Fair Usage Policy Applies)
      Unlimited Canada wide Picture /Video Messaging
      Unlimited US wide Picture / Video Messaging
      Unlimited Canada wide Texting
      Unlimited Global Texting
      Unlimited Canada wide Calling
      Unlimited US-wide Calling
      Call Control (Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting)
      No Hidden Fees, System Access Fees or Activation Fees
      Use your features anywhere on our network.

  • Pascal Arcand

    66 for 6gb with Vidéotron

  • ToniCipriani ✓pǝᴉɟᴉɹǝʌ

    12GB Unlimited Provincial Talk / 90 days @ Public Mobile.

    But if my service gets disconnected again because of their screwup, I might go somewhere else, happened twice to me already.

  • Travis (Barrhaven)

    We pay far too much. Have a family of four, and three cellphones, eventually will require a fourth. Rogers overcharges for mobile service. They gave me a hard time when I tried to get a reasonable amount of bandwidth per month – they wanted to charge me more. In the end, they offered a promo to people not on contract and own their phones outright, and I got increased bandwidth for all three phones – but my call to Rogers was actually intended to cancel my service.

    I am dissatisfied with Rogers. I used to be with Bell, and Telus – was just as dissatisfied. Not impressed with the smaller mobile companies either like Freedom.

    Did I mention we pay far too much? If I had to cancel any one service we have, it would be Rogers. Thankfully we don’t have them for internet – used to, and fired them. It felt like disservice to me.

  • therumbler

    $40 for 4GB

  • Luc Levesque

    Public mobile 45$ with tax unlimited text and call in canada and 1 gig data

  • Jacob

    I’m in nova Scotia. With virgin mobile, galaxy S8. Pay $146 a month.(tax included) 12GB Data and unlimited everything else 🙂 a little expensive.. but it’s one of the better deals I can find around here.

    • Ouch! If you can handle 3G only, 6GB data a month is $52/mo on public mobile. TBH imo that’s the best deal I can find in NS.

  • Tammy D

    Between 2 phone bills we pay almost 700.00 1 bill has tablets with 60 gig other bill has 15 gig with a tablet and phone. With Rogers. It’s ridiculous

    • Stephen_81

      Why are they separate bills? and not merged? I merged my 4 Rogers lines in to save almost $100/mo

  • Christine

    8gb 60$

  • Davinder Dhaliwal

    3gb – $75 / month. And that’s on a loyalty plan with Bell with my own device here in BC.

  • Matthew_WIND

    $0 10GB/mo. I work for Freedom 😀

  • David Briggs

    Freedom mobile in Toronto I get 11 gigabytes of LTE data unlimited talk and text $70.00 a month.

    • David Briggs

      That does’nt apply I don’t think Matthew…

  • George Wells

    Public Mobile $55 for 4GB and Province-Wide Talk, Global Text (Paying $165 per 90 days, 12GB)

  • Tariq

    Fido: $45 for 2GB per month

  • sky417

    Videotron, $44 for 6GB+8GB

  • MoYeung

    Rogers $65 per month for 6GB data

  • Roni

    Telus: $280 for 4 people, all with the ($55) 300 minutes local calling plan (since we don’t call anyone long distance through the provider anyways) and ($45) 4GB of data to share.

  • Techguru86

    BYOP $59 Everywhere 59 LTE plan, works perfectly fine, with 8gbs of LTE speed, unlimited can/us roaming for free with A5 2017

  • Stinky

    Despite living in Vancouver, I use Project Fi, for which I nominally pay $30US/month. That of course means I have a US phone number, but that’s not been an issue as I make and receive few calls. The beauty of it is that it works seamlessly for international travel – I pay the same $10/GB regardless where I am. The ugly of it is that it requires a Nexus or Pixel phone. Most months I pay about $40US – $50US – with Project Fi, users pay only for the data they use, plus fees for international calls.

  • Pascal Bouffard

    BYOD : 40$+tx for 7 gigs Rogers in Quebec

  • Bryan

    I’m paying $65 a month for 2GB along with unlimited texts and 500 calling minutes (plus all the basics like call display, etc) with virgin mobile

  • Ian

    Freedom Mobile 4GB for $40 plan

  • Way too much. 65$ a month with Fido for 2GB, unlimited calling in Canada, unlimited texting in NA. Which would be fine but now the service I get at home in a major city is terrible.

  • Jordan

    Telus. $100. 6.5gb unlimited calling nationwide and unlimited sms. Plus VM call display etc.

    • I hope you got a nice device with that as 100$ for that much data is insane.

  • Benoit Bourdua

    38$ for 4 gigs. On Public Mobile.

  • Stephen B Morris

    $50 for Unlimited Canada and USA calls, global texts, 30 minutes roaming, and 20GB.

    • Olav P

      With who?

    • Stephen B Morris

      Chatr. Although I wish it was faster, there is no overages and it’s better than what some people get.

  • Richard Dykeman

    $190/mo + taxes, Bell, 3 phones, 4G shared data, unlimited calling in Canada, unlimited texts, unlimited charges when we go over the data limit.

  • DigitalMann

    I have the Everywhere 55 plan from Freedom. For the princely sum of $55/mo I get:

    Data (8GB full speed allotment)
    Canada and US Long Distance Calling
    Canada and US Picture / Video Messaging
    Global Texting
    Extended Talk Coverage (2400 Canada / US roaming min)
    Extended Text Coverage (Unlimited Canada / US roaming texts)
    Extended Data Coverage (1GB Canada / US roaming data)
    World Saver (reduced international long distance rates)
    World Traveler (reduced international roaming rates)
    Call Control (Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting)

  • Mo

    Virgin mobile: $41.25 8Gb data, unlimited everything, caller ID, VM, 1000 international minutes. ($55 Quebec plan -25% employee discount)

  • will

    Virgin $40 with 4gb province wide u limited calls, global unlimited text. Promo from last November.

  • pictor

    $65 including 6gb data, but seriously looking at other options. Freedom mobile for instance seems like it might have that beat.

  • Olav P

    Signed up since 2013,
    Virgin Mobile

    6 GB of LTE
    1000 Daytime
    5 pm Evenings and Weekends
    Unlimited Texting
    CID and VM

    — I pay $67 all-in.

    Besides they’re craptacular service, I have had 0 technical issues and 3 billing issues.

  • Specterz

    $125 for 2 Bell ON Lines – 7GB Shared Data. Works out to $62/line.

  • bmccull

    Fido $55/month + taxes. Same plan since 2008 but it went up $5 in 2011. 6 Gb data, 200 talk w/ unlimited eve & weekend, unlimited domestic & international texting

  • Andrew

    Rogers: $145 for main line, 12GB Share Everything+ Premium Plus tab (S8 at $0), and $60 for second line Premium Tab. Unlimited Canada Wide calling, unlimited messaging. $205+Tax per month for two lines.

  • Brent Fox

    Fido: $80/month, unlimitied calling through out canada, unlimited international text messaging, 3GB of data. extras include data bytes (5 hours of free data a month)

  • Daniel Giddings

    $77/month but $35 of that is phone subsidy repayment. So, $42 for 8GB of data, unlimited Canada and US calling, unlimited worldwide SMS/picture/video messaging

    • torontokris

      With what company?

    • Daniel Giddings

      Freedom Mobile – they always run great promos. I also got a bonus bluetooth speaker that doubles as a phone charger.

  • Gregory Weatherhead

    Virgin : $60:00 Unlimited Canada , Unlimited Int Messaging, 2 GB Data , Overages $10 Per GB .

  • Uneeb Memon

    Freedom: $40. 6GB full speed LTE (unlimited throttled data after that; my plan details indicate 8GB but I got a 6GB plan so not sure). Unlimited Canada wide talk and text and unlimited global text.

  • Public Mobile 90 day $156 18GB data, province wide calling and global text but only “3G”. I know the speeds are a little slow but decent for what I need, and there is no other better deal here in Nova Scotia that I am aware of.

  • torontokris

    $38/30 days 4GB LTE public mobile 2016 fall promo