Microsoft announces new Xbox One S, Xbox One X bundles; pre-orders now live

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition and Xbox One S Shadow of War bundles


  • Barry Harden

    If original XBone owners won’t get $200 credit trade in on the XBone X, I think it’ll be a deal breaker. Might as well wait for the price to naturally drop next year.

    • Nexzen

      EB has a promo where they are giving minimum $200 for every xbox one, original and s

    • Barry Harden

      Last I saw it was $100 in the US. If you’re talking about Canada then that’s a different story since the XBone X sells for $100 more up there.

  • Ricky Bobby

    This is what people want. Specs. I’m going to get this because of the specs

    Destiny 2 over 60 fps here I come because of specs