SyrupCast Podcast Ep. 132: Is AR the future of mobile?


  • ciderrules

    I don’t think AR is the future of mobile, but I think it’s going to be very significant. Certainly moreso than VR.

    • Smanny

      I believe MR is the end game. Because AR is great for some things, and VR is better for others. That is why MR can give you the best of both worlds. For immersive experiences, VR is the better choice. For interacting with the real world then AR is the better choice. So to say that AR is going to be very significant. In my opinion I don’t see that. As a matter of fact if you take a VR headset today and add cameras in front of the headset. You now have an MR headset. Full VR with a large FOV, and the cameras in front can now show what the user is looking at. These headsets are going to arrive at the end of this year. So both AR and VR. Hence MR.

  • danakin

    This week we get Igor in his usual host role, Rose, Patrick, and Tom (poopy boy) Emrich.

    Rose kicked things off with an update on the ZenFone AR. As befitting recent history, Rose could not escape scatological references. This time courtesy of Tom and his predictable planetary platitude: “Uranus wasn’t in the bathroom?”. Aside from this lame effort, Tom showed a true facility in engaging Rose to keep the discourse relevant and kinetic. He ably managed the conversation into a deeper conversation about AR that offered a lot of intelligent perspective.

    The move to discussing ARKit was well handled by Igor and the transition felt fresh and relevant. Here too, Tom provided a solid amount of opinion and perspective that illustrated the scale of the platform’s potential. I left the discussion better informed and wholly entertained. The only thing I was left wanting for was an exploration of AR vs. VR and how each of the big players will place their bets.

    Patrick eventually contributed, in some consequential manner, 20 or so minutes in when the discussion touched upon Oculus Rift and, in particular, the financial barriers to entry. Of late he seems to have been marginalized. I’m not sure whether it’s because the subject matter guests simply overshadow his generalist skill-set or whether it’s a conscious move to mitigate his input. Time, perhaps, will tell.

    This week’s show gets a 8.7 SMSPR (Subjective MobileSyrup Podcast Review) score. This week’s DCS (Dopey Comment Score) is: 1. Tom gets that “honour” for the trite nature of his spatially excremental reference.

  • Smanny

    If magic leap can come through with their thin transparent displays which are the size of regular lenses. Then I can definitely see smart glasses taking off. Because nobody wants to walk in public with a hololens or big headset in general on their head, whether it’s AR/VR/MR. The only other issue is the cameras that will be attached to the glasses. Google glass was blasted because the camera didn’t have a lead in front to show people if they were recording. So the cameras will definitely bring up privacy concerns. That is why Google Glass version 2 has a led notification light in front to show others when it is recording.