Stay energized with the Mophie Charge Force Case and Charge Force Powerstation


Mophie is one of the industry’s premier manufacturers of portable phone charging accessories, and that continues here with the charge force case and charge force powerstation mini for the iPhone 7/7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ phones.

For the purposes of this story, I tested out the two products with an iPhone 7 Plus.

Announced back in June, the case and station accessories are designed to be convenient charging options for your phone when you’re on the go. The charge force case comes in black, light brown, dark brown, red and dark blue and includes either a lightning USB cable for the iPhone 7/7 Plus, or a USB-C cable for the S8/S8+  phones.

The charge force power station, meanwhile, packs up to 35 hours of extra juice in its 3,000mAh battery.

Built-in reliable magnets securely connect the case to the battery, letting you charge your phone without the need for a cable. You can also do what Mophie calls “Priority +” — using the included cable, you can simultaneously charge both your phone and the powerstation battery. Priority+ pass-through charging will send power to your phone first and then the powerstation mini.

The case and powerstation are easy to set up and comfortable to carry around. In fact, the case-phone-power-station combo didn’t really feel much different from having just my phone itself in my pocket. It’s worth noting that Mophie’s video shows the phone being mounted and charged in a car, although I wasn’t able to try that out myself.

It’s important to note that while shipments to Canada are available, prices are only listed in USD. The charge force case costs $59.95 USD (approximately $77.37 CAD) for the iPhone 7/7 Plus cases and can be ordered here.

mope charge force case and powerstation

The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus versions, meanwhile, cost $49.95 USD (roughly $64.36 CAD) and are available only in black. These can be ordered here.

Finally, the power station mini is also priced at $49.95 USD ($64.36 CAD) and can be ordered here.

You can also save $5 if you order both the case and powerstation together. A similar $5 saving is also available if you add in other accessories, like a charge force-specific mount for your car.